"Springtime Wine Basket"

by Sandra Lyons

113 Patterson Road
Weirton, WV 26062

Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Tested by: Sharon Hersman

5 x 14 D handle
1/4" flat
3/8" flat
5/8" flat
#2 round reed
11/64" flat
5/8" paper thin maple (dyed rose)
1/4" flat oval (dyed green for stems and leaves)
1/2" flat oval
#1 seagrass

Cut 7 pieces 3/8" flat at 22".

springtimewinebasket.JPG (59364 bytes)

Basket Instructions:
Mark the center of the handle. (make sure that the mark is on the wrong side of the spokes.) Lay 3 spokes across handle making a wheel. Take a piece of #2 round reed, bend and crease off center, slide over a spoke and begin twining for 6 rows. Add remaining 4 spokes and continue twining another 5 rows or until the base measures approximately 5" diameter. Cut ends of round reed and tuck back under several rows. Upset spokes and weave 7 rows 3/8" flat. (First row goes over handle.) Plain weave 2 rows 5/8" flat, then weave 4 rows of 3/8" flat.

Pack weaving. Cut off inside spokes. Cut and tuck outside spokes. Measure, scarf, and clip on the 1/2" flat oval rims for inside and outside. Add seagrass filler and lash on with 11/64" flat.

Directions for flowers:
On top row of 5/8" flat push maple strip behind spoke with wrong side of strip facing you. Make a loop by turning the strip over and push the end behind bottom 5/8" spoke. Loop back around and push through top 5/8" spoke. Continue around basket in the same manner. ***The wrong side of the maple strip will always face out against the spoke it goes behind.

To make stems insert end of 1/4" flat oval under bottom 3/8" weaver and continue pushing it under the next 3 pieces of 3/8" weaver.

To make leaves, slip a piece of 1/4" flat oval, (wrong side facing you) behind spoke where bottom of stem has been inserted. ***(second row from the bottom.) Curl end around and insert at different heights around basket.

Copyright 1996
This pattern may be printed out for use, but may not be printed out in quantity for resale.

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