“Small Easter”
by Sheri L. Van Duyn


Dimensions: 4 ” diameter x 6” high with handle


#2 or #3 round reed-natural and dyed
3/8” flat reed
4” x 6” D handle
Ribbon and ribbon flowers
Tacky glue

smalleaster.JPG (34882 bytes)


Cut 6 pieces of 3/8” flat at 14” long.
Mark the centers and soak with a long piece of #2 natural round reed.

Lay out the 4” x 6” handle flat on the table and insert 3 spokes through the center of the handle and space evenly out looking like a bicycle wheel. Hold in place by using the T-pin; this is like an extra hand to hold the spokes in place.

Crimp a long piece of #2 round reed and start to twine these 3 spokes and include the handle for 3 rows. (Start out about 1-1 ” out from the center.)

Now add the 3 remaining spokes through the center of the handle. One area by the handle is left empty. (Option: If you wish to weave this basket using 5 spokes and the handle; this will also work out.) Continue to twine around the new and old spokes until you reach the edge of the handle. Upset the spokes.

Now take 2 colors of soaked dyed #3 round reed and begin twining around the basket. The pattern will end up looking like stripes.. Continue for 12-14 rows or until the basket measures 2 ” high. End the round reed back on the same spoke where you started at the base. Trim round reed to 2”.

Add a row of 3/8” flat for the rim row in an under over weave. Cut and tuck the spokes.

Add the rims of 3/8” flat on the inside and outside of the basket. Add seagrass for rim filler. Lash with a very flexible piece of #3 dyed round reed. If this starts to crack, you can lash with ” flat or flat oval.

Add ribbon around the handle. Glue a bow on the top with a few ribbon roses. Enjoy this sweet little Easter basket. Use this round basket as a first Easter basket and fill with candy. Or, use in the bathroom and fill with Q tips or cotton balls. Enjoy!

Copyright  ~  Sheri L. Van Duyn   ~  2006

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