"S is for Snowmen"

by Sheri L. Van Duyn

Dimensions: 8" diameter x 9" tall


Dried Gourd: 8"-9"  diameter in the base

Acrylic Paint: white, cream, green, red (burgundy), black


Spray varnish or clear coat sealer

snowman.JPG (32804 bytes)


Make sure the bottom of the gourd is flat by gently sanding off. Please do any sanding outside and in a well-ventilated area.

Make sure the gourd is completely dried.

Take sand paper and gently sand the entire gourd. This step will loosen any "skin" that is not totally attached to the gourd. Wipe the gourd off with an old cloth to get rid of any excess dust.

Now take a 1" foam brush and paint your snowman cream or white acrylic paint. This one is painted cream with white splatters, but a white snowman with crème splatters looks great too. You might need 2 coats here. (Hint-I usually hold the top of the gourd by the stem while painting and find a container like an empty Cool Whip or cottage cheese tub to set the gourd in when finished.) Let dry.

In the meantime, make a pencil stencil to transfer the features and lettering. Do this by taking a #2 pencil and rubbing this on the back of the paper pattern. Then take a small piece of tape and put on the top of the pattern shown here and place your design where you want this on the gourd. Then take an ink pen and press firmly on the lines of the design and this will transfer your image to the gourd. (This is better than carbon paper, which will leave a blue line.) You might want to cut your design into 2 pieces to fit easier on the shape of your gourd.

Paint teardrop eyes, eyebrows, and mouth with black acrylic paint and add white for a highlight in the eye. This gleam is great for your snowman. Add a black ribbon or your favorite color all the way around your snowman’s neck.

Add burgundy for cheek blush and also for nose. Add 3 holly berries and 2 leaves off to the left of the eyes.

Then do the lettering in black acrylic paint- "S is for Snowmen". The "O’s" are painted black buttons (Or, you can use real buttons glued to the gourd here.). Take your time doing the lettering; have a fun time and do a good job. Use a liner brush right here.

Add 2 sets of 3 holly berries and the leaves on the second line of the wording. Add 2 leaves under the "O" on Snowman and 1 leave and berry over the "E".

Then splatter the entire snowman with white paint to give the illusion of snow falling on your Snowman. Let dry and then spray or paint with clear sealer. I usually do 2 thin coats. Enjoy through the winter.

Copyright ~ Sheri L. Van Duyn ~ 2004
This pattern may be printed out for use, but may not be printed out in quantity for resale.


Many of the Business on the Supplier’s Page at my Website carry gourds in various sizes. Feel free to play around with this design, which would look great in miniature also. Have fun designing your Snowman gourd. Just like a snowflake, no 2 will ever be alike.

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