"Smooth Sailin' Tote"

by Eva Snyder

3/8" flat reed, natural and dyed blue
1/4," 1/2" flat reed
#2 round reed
1 yard blue Shaker tape
2 pottery sailboats from Union Station Studio (see information at end of pattern)

Cut the Shaker tape in half and fold the ends up 1 1/2" and sew into loops.

Cut spokes as follows from natural 3/8" flat reed:
5 @ 26" long (horizontal spokes)
9 @ 20" long (vertical spokes)
4 @ 16" long (fillers)
Soak and mark centers.

Lay out the horizontal spokes with a filler between each of them. These should be touching. Weave in the vertical spokes starting with the center spoke over the fillers, and under the horizontals. Weave them all in. The basse should measure 4" tall by 9 1/2" wide.

Fold the fillers over to the 3rd spoke, trim off excess, and tuck under. Do all the filler spokes this way. Crease up the sides. Twine from the outside for 2 rows.

Weave up the sides with 3/8" blue for 4 rows. Cover up the vertical spokes with 3/8" blue. Weave it under the horizontals to totally cover up the natural reed.

Starting with the 5th row, use 3/8" natural to the top of the basket. On the 5th row, weave in a sailboat on the 3rd spoke from the left. Weave the 6th row. On the 7th row, weave in the other sailboat on the 3rd spoke fron the right. Weave up 6 more rows with 3/8" flat.

Slip the handles through the weaver on the top row on the 3rd spoke from the ends. Fold over those spokes on the inside, down from the second row. Cut and tuck the rest of the spokes, as usual.

Use 1/2" flat reed for the rim. Put the rim through the handles, and overlap the rim on the back for the outside rim and on the front for the outside rim. Lace up with 1/4" flat and use seagrass for filler.

The pottery sailboats (and a wide variety of other pottery pieces) are available from:

Gifts of Love Pottery


Copyright 1997 - Eva Snyder
This pattern may be printed out for use, but may not be printed out in quantity for resale.

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