"Rudolph’s Rack"
by Sheri L. Van Duyn


Dimensions: 2 " wide x 4 " long x 2 " high (basket height)


#2 round reed: twining, weaving, handle wrap
#3 smoked round reed: 2 pieces for the face
3/16" or " flat: weavers
3/8" or " flat-spokes and handle
5/8" or " flat: face spoke
Twigs for antlers
Eyes (1/2"); goggle or buttons
Red jingle bell or red pompom: nose
Pipe cleaner or wire for jingle bell
Tacky glue

rudolphs_rack_pic.jpg (240633 bytes)


Cut 4 spokes of 3/8" or " flat at 11" long.
Cut 2 spokes of 3/8" or " flat at 13" long.
Cut 1 spoke of 3/8" or " flat at 26" long for the handle.
Cut 1 spoke of 5/8" or " flat at 11" long.

Mark the centers of all these spokes on the rough side and soak with 1 piece of #2 round reed.


Lay out horizontally the 2 spokes that are 13" long and place the handle spoke in the middle. Line up center marks.

Weave the 5/8" or " spoke into these spokes going under, over and then under.

Weave 2 spokes on each side of this spoke. Shape base to 2" x 4". Mark the corners. Twine 1 row around the base with #2 round reed.

Upsett the spokes. Now begin weaving the sides with 3/16" or " flat. Weave a total of 8 rows starting and stopping.

Over lap the spoke to make a handle for a height of 4 " or 5" tall.

Now take 3 pieces of #2 round reed and triple weave of 3 rows around the top of the basket. Or, you can also twine 3 rows of round reed if you wish.

Soak and tuck in every spoke.

Do a handle wrap with #2 round reed making 5 or 6 spiral wraps around the top of the reed handle. Then take another piece and wrap around the other way crossing over each wrap as you go. Tuck the ends back into the triple or the twining at the top of the basket.


Take 2 pieces of smoked reed. (If you do not have this, just use natural-when you stain this basket it just shows the face a bit better if smoked.) Insert these 2 pieces in the center wide spoke at row # 5. Then go over to the far spokes on the front of the basket and tuck into row # 7. This created the face for Rudolph.

Next take a pipe cleaner (Or use a small piece of wire or a bread twisty here.) and insert this through the red jingle bell for Rudolph’s nose. Make a U shape with the pipe cleaner and pull this through the 2nd and 3rd row of weavers over the wide spoke. Pull through and twist on the inside of the basket. (If you are using a red pompom for the nose; simply glue in place.

Glue the 2 eyes-use goggle eyes or buttons for eyes and glue in place on the 5th and 6th rows 1 spoke over from the center spoke.

Add twigs through the twining in the top tows. The size of Rudolph’s Rack depends on the size of the twigs you select. Stain basket a light oak color and add a spot of glue to hold the twigs securely in place.

This basket is cute as a hostess gift or filled with Hershey kisses for Holiday favors on the table or to hang on your tree. Or fill with a few packages of hot chocolate or wrap cookies up as a treat for that special friend or teacher.

Copyright ~ Sheri L.Van Duyn ~ 2006

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