“Round Reed Americana

by Sheri L. Van Duyn




3 ” diameter x 2” (basket)

 or 4 ” (handle height)




#2 round reed-natural

#3 round reed-natural

#4 round reed-handle (natural)

#3 red and navy round reed

roundreedamericanabasket.jpg (59364 bytes)



Cut 8 pieces of natural round reed at 14” long. Mark centers; soak with 1 long piece of #2 round reed.


Lay 4 pieces of #3 round reed on top of 4 pieces of #3 round reed. Bend or crimp a long piece of #2 round reed in half. Slip over 4 pieces and twine 3 rows with the 4 pieces of round reed treating them as 1 spoke.


Then separate the spokes and chase weave the base until you reach a diameter of   3”.  Do not cut weavers, but add 1 piece of #3 round reed and do 1 row of triple weave. This makes a nice base row.


Upsett all spokes and trim off the 2 pieces of #2 round reed. Add 1 piece of # 3 red round reed and begin chase weaving with the 2 pieces for a total of  9 rows. (There will be 9 rows of red shown and 9 rows of red showing on each spoke.) Basket height will be 1 ”. Cut off.


Add 2 pieces of #3 navy blue reed and chase for 2 rows with each piece so that there are 2 rows on each piece.


Soak spokes and also a 10” piece of #4 round reed.


Do a simple 3 step braid. (You might want to trim to  2 ” - 3” long since this is a smaller basket.)


  1. Take any spoke and go behind the next spoke on the right and out. (All spokes out.)
  2. Take any spoke and cross over the next spoke to the right and insert to the inside. (All spokes in.)
  3. Then take any spoke and cross over the next spoke to the right and drop this spoke down. (All spokes down.) You can repeat this step 1 more time if you like. Soak, and shape. Let dry and then trim.


Insert # 4 round reed into the basket at the point where you think would be best. Make sure that the handle is on directly opposite spokes and is inserted down one of the rows of weaving.  (Hint: You might want to taper both ends of this piece to insert in easier.)


Shape and enjoy this cute little Americana basket.



Copyright ~ Sheri L. Van Duyn ~ 2005
This pattern may be printed out for use, but may not be printed out in quantity for resale.


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