“Round Pillar Candle Holders”

by Sandy Atkinson




#2 round reed-weavers

#3 round reed-spokes

4” round wood base with drilled holes.

spring2007candlebasket.jpg (21043 bytes)



Paint the wooden base in your choice of acrylic paint color. You might have to clean out the holes with a toothpick if they fill up with paint. Apply a 2nd coat of paint if needed. Let dry. Sand with a brown paper bag to smooth this out. Spray with sealer, let dry. Stencil if desired.

 Cut 17 pieces of #3 round reed; 1 piece for each hole. Soak. 

Insert 1 end of the reed into the hole from the top for 3”. Crimp all spokes next to the base on the underside. 

One step Braid:

With the short ends up, go in front of 1 spoke, behind the next spoke to the right. Continue around the base. The last spoke will insert under the reed from the 1st spoke.  See Fig. A. Turn base upright.

 Sides: Triple twine up the side of the basket, using 3 coordinated colors of #2 round reed. (Triple twine is over 2 spokes and behind the next 1 spoke with 3 pieces of round reed. Start with the piece farthest to the left.) Weave to a height of ” for 3” candles or 1 3/8” for the taller candles. When you need to add a new weaver, keep the ends to the inside of the basket weaving and replace with the same color. End weaving inside the basket.

 Top braid: Rewet the top spokes in preparation on the final braid. Crimp all spokes close to the weaving. Starting anywhere, take 1 spoke behind 1 spoke to the right and to the outside of the basket. Continue this pattern around the entire basket top. See Fig B.

 Step two: Starting anywhere again, take a spoke to the right back to the inside, sliding under the weaving from step one. See Fig. C.

 Repeat step 1 and step 2 again inside the basket. It will seem a little different as you will be weaving on the inside of the basket at a slight angle, but it is the same weave.

Trim off any excess, add a short or tall pillar candle and enjoy!

candleholderbasketfiga.jpg (19868 bytes)

candleholderbasketfigb.jpg (15363 bytes)

candleholderbasketfigc.jpg (15990 bytes)

candleholderbasketbottom.jpg (123279 bytes)

 Copyright  ~  Sandy Atkinson   ~ 2007


Kit includes hand dyed reed and matching painted base is $8.99, plus shipping.

Color choices:  Dark blue base with blue, yellow, red reed
                  Pink base with pink, purple reed
                  Dark green base with shades of green reed

Unfinished wood base only: $2.99, plus shipping

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