"Painted Base Candy Dish Basket"
by Julie Kleinrath



6 " Diameter x 3 " High (not including the handle)


4" wood base
1/4" flat oval- natural
1/4" flat-natural and dyed
#1 round reed
11/64" flat/oval
" flat and flat/oval
medium seagrass
Small beanpot handle (With a twist)

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Cut 32 pieces of 1/4" flat/oval 6" long. Soak.


Base: With the design on the painted base facing up, insert the 32 spokes with the wrong side up. If you insert four spokes in a "+" design, then in the 4 spaces put a spoke in the center making an "X". You now have 8 spaces. Place a spoke in the center of the 8 spaces. Leaving room for one spoke in all of the remaining 16 spaces. Check to see if your spokes are evenly spaced.

Chase weave for 2 rounds with #1 round reed.

To Chase Weave: using two weavers, lay one weaver on top of a spoke and weave over, under, etc. pushing the weavers tightly to the base. When you return to where you began, start a new weaver on one spoke over from the first weaver. Continue weaving until you have 2 rounds with each weaver.

Sides: While the base is still flat on the table, weave a row of 11/64" flat/oval with the flat oval side to the table top. Pick the basket up and place it in your lap with the spokes gently bending up (Your painted base will be on the inside) Weave 2 more rows of 11/64" flat/oval.

Continue weaving with 7 rows of 1/4" flat in natural.
Weave 3 rows of dyed 1/4" flat.
Sunflower–3 rows of Hunter Green
Americana Heart–Burgundy, Navy, Burgundy
Patchwork Star–Burgundy, Navy, Hunter Green
America–Burgundy, Navy, Burgundy
Ohio Star–Navy, Burgundy, Navy


Weave 1 final row of 1/4" flat; cut all the inside spokes flush with the top row of weaving. Tuck around the swing eyes on opposite sides of the basket. Tuck the remaining spokes.

Rim: Rim the basket with " flat on the inside and flat/oval on the outside. Place the seagrass between the rims and lash with 11/64" flat/oval.

Painted bases are available for $4.50 each.
Americana Heart
Patchwork Star
Ohio Star
Bean Pot Twist Handle is $2.75

Complete Kits are available for $20.00 each. Each kit includes: Base, Reed cut to size, Handle and dyed reed to coordinate with the wood base. The colors for each base are as follows:
Americana Heart-Burgundy, Navy, Burgundy
Sunflower: Hunter Green (3 rows)
Patchwork Star: Burgundy, Navy, Hunter Green
America: Burgundy, Navy, Burgundy
Ohio Star: Navy, Burgundy, Navy

Shipping via UPS or Parcel Post fees are exact for what is being shipped.

Pattern and Supplies available from: Woven Designs
Visit their Website for a large selection of Kits and
Patterns in all Price ranges.
325 E. Pekin Road, Lebanon, OH 45036
(513)932-3975 (513)3481 (Fax)

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