“Night Lite”
by Marilyn Wald


Finished Dimensions: 3 1/2" diameter x 10" High with lamp & shade


1 Electric Candle with Shade 3/8 flat, dyed, spokes
1/4 flat, weavers #2 round reed
3.00 mm cane #2 round reed, dyed, filler
2" wooden base with slits

nightlite.JPG (16981 bytes)


Cut 12 spokes from 3/8 flat, dyed, at 10". Insert spokes, rough side up, evenly around the 2" wooden base. After spokes or inserted or before, glue your electric candle to the wooden base. Hot glue may be used or I used a product called Jewel-It, for faster set-up.


With #2 round reed, natural, chase weave 10 rows or until you have 5 overs on each spoke. Upset spokes.

Sides: (All rows are start and stop)

5 rows 1/4 flat, natural See Note**
1 row 3/8 flat, dyed
1 row 1/4 flat, natural
1 row 3/8 flat, dyed
1 row 1/4 flat, natural
1 row 3/8 flat, dyed
3 rows 1/4 flat natural
1 row 3/16 flat, rim row.

Cut and tuck every other spoke.


Rim with 3/8 flat, fill with #2 round reed dyed to match spokes and lash the basket using 3.00mm cane.

** After weaving 3 rows, place the wire for the candle between the two spokes at the back of the basket, weave the next row thus wedging the wire in between two rows of weaving.


Buttons or wooden items to match your lamp shade may be glued or tied onto the basket after it has been stained. It will be okay when staining the basket if some of the stain gets onto the electric candlestick, just wipe it off immediately, the same goes for the cord. Do not plug it in until everything is totally dry. I would recommend a spray stain, do not immerse the basket in the stain, it will be too much moisture for the electric lamp. Use any variety of lampshade and dye reed to match.

Copyright ~ Marilyn Wald ~ 2006

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