“Napkin Basket”
by Sheri L. Van Duyn


Dimensions:  3 1/2" x 6 1/2" x 6" tall


#2 round reed
" dyed reed
3/8" flat reed-natural
" flat reed-natural and dyed

napkinbasket.JPG (11297 bytes)


Cut 3 pieces of " flat at 26" long. Cut 6 pieces of " flat natural at 24" long.
Mark the centers on all these pieces on the rough side. Soak these pieces with a long piece of #2 round reed.


Lay out the 3 pieces of " flat horizontally spacing about " between each piece. Make sure the rough sides are facing up with all these spokes. Weave the 6 pieces of " natural into these 3 pieces. Start to the left of the center mark and put 3 pieces on each side of the center.

Adjust base to 3" x 6" long. Mark the corners with a pencil mark and clothespin the 4 corners.

Take a long piece of soaked #2 round reed and crimp this piece in the middle. Slide this on one of the spokes on the long side and begin twining around the base of the basket. Take the clothespins off as you get to them and then put them back on after twining on these spokes. Continue for 2 rows and tuck the ends into the previous rows. Trim to 2" long.

Soak the base and upset the spokes by gently bending them over at the twining.

Begin weaving the sides.

Rows   1-4: " flat natural
            5: " flat dyed
            6: " flat dyed
            7: " flat dyed
            8: " flat dyed
            9: " flat dyed
            10-11: " flat

Matchstick Border:

Soak the basket upside down for about 5 minutes to get the spokes very pliable.

Take a 24" piece of 3/8" (or ") flat and place on the inside of the basket. This will now be your rim row and this will go horizontally around your basket. Take any spoke and bring this around the 3/8" piece to the right and pull back to the outside of the basket. Continue with the next spoke on the right wrapping this piece around the 3/8" to the right and then to the outside. When you get back to where you started, over lap the 3/8" piece for a few spokes to secure this row. Soak the top of the basket again.

Now take any spoke and go over 2 spokes and insert into the rim row of the top. The first insert will determine how large the loop will be. You can cut the end of this spoke on an angle and this will keep the spoke in by securing the braid. Continue with the next spoke to the right again crossing over 2 spokes and inserting into the top rim row. Continue all around the basket. Adjust the loops on the basket so they are all even.


Stain your basket with you favorite color of stain. I used Weaver’s Stain Golden Oak here. (available from your favorite Basket Supplier.) Go right over the dyed pieces.


Weave this basket in any of your favorite colors. Have fun weaving this for any of the seasons. Have fun playing with color combinations. Add a ceramic or leather tie on also available from your favorite Supplier. This makes a great hostess gift for any occasion or makes a wonderful Teacher gift which is great for Napkins, paper, or also mail or stationary.

Happy Weaving!

Copyright  ~  Sheri L. Van Duyn   ~  2006

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