“Little Snowman”
by Susan Reed-Fanfoni



#2 round reed
#3 round reed
3/16” flat oval
Drilled wooden ball head (pre-painted in either kit)
2 twigs
Rusty tin Bucket and snowballs
Rusty tin birdhouse
Rusty star
3 buttons
Glue & White Spray Paint (not included in either kit)

littlesnowman.JPG (34882 bytes)



Cut 17 pieces of # 3 round reed at 11” long. Soak spokes and insert 16 pieces into the holes. Using a piece of soaked #2 round reed, crimp in half; twine for 4 rows. Start this in the back. Try and keep the shape to a nice, round flare. Do not weave tight. End off.

 Insert the remaining #3 round reed spoke in the back. It will join with another spoke. Taper 3” of the starting end of the 3/16” flat oval. Insert the tapered end between the 16th and 17th spokes. Weave continuously for 17 or 18 rows. Do not weave tight, weave so that the body will grow and flare out. Do all the overlapping in the back. Taper the ending row to level the basket.

 Finish off the body by doing a simple border: behind one and over for 2 rows. Trim ends to ”.

 Put a baggie over the head and tape it together.  Spray the basket body with white spray paint. Let dry. Find 2 twigs. Insert each twig arm into the sides of the body coming all the way through and sticking out a little where the other twig comes in, overlapping them inside. (Otherwise the twigs will fall down.) I inserted the twigs between the twining and 3/16” flat oval. Put a little glue to hold them in place.

 Wrap the felt scarf around the neck and tie. Glue on the rustic star. Glue 3 buttons on his front. Glue on the carrot nose. Glue the black hat on, glue greenery on the brim. Glue the 5 snowballs in the bucket. Hang the bucket and the birdhouse on the twig arms. You may need to use jute twine or floss to hang the birdhouse. Enjoy!

 Copyright  ~   2005  ~  Susan Reed-Fanfoni


The price of the accessory kit is $8.00 which includes all the supplies except the reed for spokes and weaving. The complete kit which includes all supplies is $11.50, plus the shipping charge of $2.50 per kit.  Please contact Susan Reed-Fanfoni of Folk Art Basketry at (540) 363-0802 930 Rifes Ford Road Verona, VA 24482 or Email at or visit Susan’s Website to view other great kits at

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