"Jingle Bells Gift Basket"
Suzanne Moore

Family and friends will love receiving this basket filled with goodies.

Dimensions: 8"L x 5""W x 4 "H (not including the handle)


5/8" Flat – spokes
1/2" Flat – inner & outer rims
3/8" Flat – weavers and filler spokes
Seagrass – rim filler
#2 Round Reed – twining
Jingle Bells Beaded Fringe
1/ 4" Flat dyed (I used cherry & forest green)
Tacky Glue – available at craft shops
Double Wire "SL" handle – red or green wood grip
1.0 mm red or bottle green waxed cotton cord – lashing (approx. 10 ft)


Cut 5 spokes from 5/8" Flat each 20" long, and 7 spokes from 5/8" Flat each 18" long. Also cut 4 filler spokes from 3/8" Flat each 14" long. Soak.


Layout the 5 long spokes horizontally alternating with the 4 filler spokes. Weave in 1 center spoke vertically starting over the horizontal spoke and under the filler spokes. Weave in 3 more spokes on each side of this center spoke. Adjust base to measure 6 " x 4 ". Fold the filler spokes to the inside of the base and tuck under the 3rd spoke of base weaving. Trim off any excess. Repeat on the other end. Twine twice around the base with #2 Round Reed. Upset the spokes.

Weave 1 row 3/8"Flat start and stop, 1 row 1/4" Flat green, 1 row 1/4"Flat red, and 7 more rows of 3/8"Flat.

Pack well. Cut and tuck spokes in the usual manner. Use "Tacky Glue" to glue the ribbon part of the beaded fringe on to the rim row. Rim with 1/2" Flat inside and outside, seagrass between rims, and double lash with 1.0mm red or bottle green waxed cotton cord.

To attach the handle: Create a space under the rim on each side of the middle spoke and gently spread the double wires. Insert the wire from the outside of the basket inward, and bend the wire up over the rim and back down to the outside.

NOTE: Beaded fringe can be glued to any style basket.

To the right is a photo of my "Yuletide Treat Basket" with the Jingle Bells Beaded Fringe on it.

Jingle Bells Basket Supplies- Shipping charges will be added
Jingle Bells Fringe (3 ft per package)      $3.99
Double Wire SL Handle (Red or green)    $2.40
1.0 mm Bottle Wax Cotton Cord (red or green-27 yds/spool)    $3.65

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