"Jessie's Button Basket"

by Jessie Buehlmann

(6" x 7-1/2" x 3")

3/8" flat reed - spokes
11/64" flat reed - weavers
#2 round reed - twining
1/2" flat reed - outside rim
6 x 7/16" oak hoop - inside rim
#0 seagrass - rim filler

Cut 12 - 19" x 3/8" flat spokes

Mark centers and 1 1/4" either side on rough side of six spokes. Place on inverted t-pin through centers, evenly spaced. Twine around spokes at marks for 1".

Mark remaining spokes in the center on the rough side. Add to base by twining one at a time in existing spaces. Twine until base measures 5 1/2" diameter.

Upsett spokes. With 11/64" flat begin weaving:

Row 1: Weave under two, over two, ending with a four spoke overlap.

Rows 2-21: Begin weaving two under, one spoke left of previous row's beginning. Weave each row individually in this manner. This is for the clockwise spiral weave. Bring sides straight up. Check hoop often for fit as inner rim.

Cut inside spokes flush with top row of weaving.

Tuck entire length of outer spokes into basket. This strengthens walls of basket.

Rim: Place hoop inside basket with bottom edge of hoop flush with bottom edge of top weaving row. Form outer rim with 1/2" flat reed. Fill rim with #0 seagrass. Lash with 11/64" flat "x"es.

Oak or pine lids available from
Basket Class
2012 Southlawn Drive
Des Moines
IA - 50315-4981


Copyright 1998 - Jessie Buehlmann
This pattern may be printed out for use, but may not be printed out in quantity for resale.

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