"Holly Berry Christmas Basket"

by Jim & Diane Langston

Circumference at top: 21 1/4"
Height: 4 1/4"

Handle and base assembly for Holly Berry Christmas
3/16"f.o. - dyed green - spokes
11/64" f.o. - dyed red - weavers
#2 rd. reed - dyed green - triple weave
7/8" ash strip - weaver for painting
11/64" f.o. - dyed red - rim row
3/8" f.o. - dyed red - rims, inside and out
11/64" f.o. - dyed red - rim filler
Cane for lashing
Buttons (assorted sizes)
Paint - green and white

Weaving the Basket:

  1. Cut from 3/16" f.o. - dyed green - 30 spokes at 7" long.
  2. Place your spokes evenly around base (bend the tip of your spoke to a double thickness, hold with your needlenose pliers and push into base) Space about 1/4" apart, 15 spokes on each side of handle.
  3. Weave 3 rows flat to the table using 11/64" f.o. dyed red, packing tightly against base (going over handle on inside on 1st row).
  4. Upset your spokes, do not bend just let them come up gently and straight, following the bend of the handle. Continue to weave with the 11/64" f.o. - dyed red - for 12 more rows, this will be a total of 15 rows.
  5. Keep and eye on the shape of your basket, the handle goes out and then in again. Just don't pull in too tight on the sides let your weavers follow the lines of the handle.
  6. The ends of your basket will tend to be a little lower, and the sides higher so it is important to keep your rows packed down so that your basket will be level.
  7. Triple twine 1 row with #2 rd. reed dyed green.
  8. Place in 7/8" ash strip, weaving in as follows: starting over the handle go over 3, under 1 all the way around.
  9. Triple twine 1 row with #2 rd. reed dyed green.
  10. Weave in 2 rows of 11/64" f.o. red, these will be your rim rows.
  11. Cut and tuck spokes.
  12. Place on your 3/8" f.o. rims dyed red.
  13. Use a piece of 11/64" f.o. for your rim filler.
  14. Lash with cane. I did a single lashing, but went in every hole twice, so it looked more like striped peppermint candy. Square up your basket by shaping when wet.

Finishing the Basket:

  1. I stained the basket a light oak, or you could keep it natural
  2. Paint your holly leaves green and outline them in white. Put in a few white dots with your stylus and add your buttons. It's good to add different shades of red buttons and different sizes too.
  3. This basket can be used to hold cocktail napkins, and it does not have to be done in Christmas colors, try other holiday colors or just a traditional look.
  4. The variation is the same basket, but there are so many possibilities. You might want to add some striking color, but either way you only weave up your 15 rows and then rim it. It gives an entirely different look. Be creative, and have fun with this cute little basket. Think of all the things you can do. I thought it would be a sweet little swag basket too.

This basket is for everyone to enjoy. The older I get the more I look to simplify my life, but I don't want to give up basketry just have a little more fun, so we hope you do too. Jim & Diane.

Handle and wood base assembly available for $6.00 plus shipping.
Call or email for free catalog.
Jim and Diane Langston
Di's Heavenly Treasures
5496 Davis Lane
Springhope, N.C. 27882

(252) 478-3804

Copyright 1999 - DHT.
This pattern may be printed out for use, but may not be printed out in quantity for resale.

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