"Friendship Basket"

by Deborah Blair

Friendship Basket

(8" L x 6" W x 5 1/2" H)
1/4", 3/8", 1/2" flat, natural
1/4", 3/8" flat, dyed
#2 round reed
one 2 1/4" ceramic heart, with two holes

11 spokes from 1/2" flat - 22" long
1 spoke from 1/2" flat - 48" long (handle)

Lay out the base: 7 pieces by 5 pieces.
The handle should be placed in the center of the 7 spokes, woven UNDER at the center.
The base measures 7" by 4 1/2."

Twine 2 rows around the base, using #2 round reed. Upsett.

6 rows 3/8" natural (first row woven OVER the handle)
1 row 3/8" dyed
1 row 1/4" dyed, attaching the ceramic heart by weaving through the holes of the heart
1 row 3/8" dyed
3 rows 3/8" natural

(Do not cut or fold handles yet.) Fold and tuck outside spokes. Cut off inside spokes.

Fold over the handle spokes and weave them into the opposite side of the basket. Add two pieces of scrap in between the handle pieces to add weight to the handle.

Wrap the handle with 1/4" flat, adding a piece of 1/4" dyed reed for accent.

Wrap the rim with 1/2" flat. Use seagrass for filler. Lash the rim with 1/4" flat.
Shape corners as desired.

Copyright 1991 - Deborah V. Blair

This pattern may be printed out for personal use, but may not be printed out in quantity for resale.

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