"Fancy Feet Basket"

by Jackie Carlson

(7-1/2" diameter)

#2 round
3/16" flat
1/4" flat
1/4" flat - dyed green
1/4" flat - dyed mauve
1/2" flat
1/2" flat oval
6" round slotted wooden base
3 ball feet 1-1/4"

Using 1/2" flat, cut 28 spokes 7" long. Paint the ball feet mauve and set aside to dry.

Divide the base into 4 quarters and make a small pencil mark on the outside edge of the base. Insert 1 spoke, smooth side up, into slot of base at each mark. Insert 6 spokes, smooth side up, between each of these spokes. Adjust spokes so that they are evenly spaced.

Note: If spokes are too snug to fit in groove, shave ends until spoke fits snugly into groove. If spokes are too loose in groove, pack a piece of #1 round into the groove.

Insert 1 strand of #2 into the groove of the base between 2 spokes. Insert another strand of #2 into the groove of the base on the opposite side of this spoke. You should now have #2, spoke, #2. Twine for 2 rows, keeping spokes flat and weaving tight to the base. Keep checking your spokes to make certain they are still inserted as far as possible into the slot of the base and evenly spaced.

Do not cut off #2.

Turn the base of the basket over and gently round spokes upward. The smooth side of the reed should be on the outside of the basket.

Do not bend spokes straight up.

Twine 4 more rows, curving the spokes upward while you weave. Spokes should now be standing upright and diameter will be 7-1/2"

Weave 15 rows 1/4" natural Cut and tuck outside spokes.

Measure around top of basket and add 2" to this measurement. Cut 2 pieces of 3/8" flat oval this length. Shave one end of each piece to the thickness of 1/2" flat reed. Clothespin one piece around the outside of the basket and one piece around the outside of the basket and one piece around the inside of the basket. Insert seagrass as filler between these two rim pieces. Lash the rim with 3/16" flat.

Ball Feet:
Turn basket upside down and mark base into 3 sections. Your mark should be at the center of a spoke. Glue one of the painted feet on each mark.

Beginning on the spoke centered on one ball leg, insert 12" a piece of 1/4" dyed mauve, rough side facing you, under the spoke on the 2nd row from the rim of the basket. When the 1/4" mauve is centered under the spoke, take the end on the left and go to the right across the spoke. This end now goes back to the left and under the spoke*. Repeat * to * 2 more times. Cut off end to be hidden behind the spoke. The remaining end of the 1/4" mauve is woven in reverse of * to *. the 1/4" mauve should cross each other 3 times to create the flower.

Insert a 5" piece of 1/4" flat-dyed green under the spoke on the bottom row of the flower. center it and bend one end upward and tuck under the 3rd row from the rim. Repeat on the other end of leaf. Insert and tuck 2 more leaves under this leaf.

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Copyright 2000 - Jackie Carlson
This pattern may be printed out for use, but may not be printed out in quantity for resale.

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