"Little Duck Basket"

by Jodi Shebester

Basket is 5" across and 3" deep.

1 pottery duck
3/8" flat: natural
1/4" flat: yellow, green, orange
seagrass - rim filler
#2 round reed
cane - lashing
notched handle with 5" span

10 spokes from 3/8" flat - 15" long. Mark centers on the spokes. On five of them, mark 1 on each side of the center. This will be your twining guide.

Lay out 5 spokes in pinwheel fashion and twine for 5 rows or until you can comfortably add in the remaining spokes. Continue twining for a base measurement of 5. Upsett.

Weave sides: 1 row - 3/8" natural
1 row - 1/4" green
2 rows - 1/4" orange
3 rows - 1/4" yellow
2 rows - 1/4" orange
Insert the notched handle and twine for two rows. Cut and tuck. Wrap the rim with 3/8" flat. Lash the rim with cane, using seagrass for filler. Tie on the pottery duck.

Check with your favorite Supplier for available ceramic tie ons or visit my Suppliers Page

Copyright 1997 - Jodi Shebester, The Basket House
This pattern may be printed out for personal use, but may not be printed out in quantity for resale.

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