"Country Classic Basket"

by Deborah Blair

(5 1/2" high x 13" in diameter)

1 New England swing handle with 13" spread
1/4," 3/8," 1/2" flat reed
1/4," 1/2" flat/oval reed
#2 round reed

Cut from 1/2" flat: 16 spokes - 28" long

Lay out 8 spokes using this diagram:

Using #2 round, twine 3 rows around the base, making a nice circle. The first row should be about 3" across. Punch up the base slightly.

Place the remaining 8 spokes consecutively and in between the first set of spokes.

Using 1/4" flat, weave 8-10 rows OR until the base is about 10" across.

Switch to 1/4" flat/oval and begin to gradually upsett your basket as you weave. ( I find I have better control if I continue to weave from the inside for awhile.)

Weave a total of 16 rows of flat/oval OR until the basket is about 4 1/4" tall and between 12"-13" across. Double check the size to make sure it will fit your handle.

Weave: 2 rows 3/8" flat - dyed navy
Weave: 1 row 3/8" flat - natural

Fold and tuck outside spokes. Cut off inside spokes.
Insert each ear of the handle into one spoke on opposite sides of the basket. You may need to trim the ears down a little to make them fit.
Wrap the rim with 1/2" flat/oval. Use seagrass (dyed navy) for rim filler.
Lash the rim with 1/4" flat.

Copyright 1994 - Deborah V. Blair
You may print out this pattern for personal use, but you may not print out multiple copies for resale.

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