"Button Basket"

by Deborah Blair

(4 1/2" long x 3 1/2" high x 2 3/4" deep)
1 - 4" x 6" D Handle
#2 round reed
1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" flat reed
1/4" flat reed, dyed 1 or 2 colors
5/8" ash
medium cane
1 decorative button

6 pieces of 1/2" flat, 16" long 1 piece of 5/8" flat, 16" long

Lay out the base by placing the handle upright in front of you horizontally. Lay the piece of 5/8" reed in front of the handle (about 1/2" away from the handle). Weave in the five remaining pieces of reed vertically. The handle should be under the center and end spokes. Using #2 round reed, twine one row around the base. Upsett.

Sides; Weave:

1 row - 3/8" flat (over at the handles)
2 rows - 1/4" flat, natural
2 rows - 1/4" flat, dyed
1 row - 5/8" ash
2 rows - 1/4" flat, dyed
1 row - 1/4" flat, natural
Fold and tuck all outside spokes. Cut off all the inside spokes.
Wrap the rim with 3/8" flat. Use seagrass for rim filler. Lash with medium cane.
Glue a pretty button onto ash strip.
You can shape this basket so the back is flat and the front corners are more rounded.
This basket can hang from a peg or sit upright on your countertop.

Copyright - 1996 Deborah V. Blair

This pattern may be printed out for personal use, but may not be printed out in quantity for resale.

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