"Buckle Up Basket"

by Deborah Blair

(6" x 8" x 9")

heart shaped wooden buckle
5" x 14" (wine) hickory D handle
1" shaker tape - 1 1/2 yards long
1/4," 3/8," 1/2" flat reed
1 1/2" ash
#2 round reed
1/2" flat/oval

Note: paint your design on your wooden buckle before you stain it or before you attach it to your basket.

Cut spokes from 1/2" flat:

11 pieces at 32"
4 pieces at 15"

Set up base using the diagram below:

The dot marks the center. Have the handle be OVER the middle horizontal spoke at this point.

The base measures 7" long. To determine width, just pack all the horizontal spokes together tightly.

Fold both ends on the four short spokes in and tuck into the third spoke from the end.

Twine 1 row with #2 round reed. Upsett.

Weave: 9 rows 3/8" flat (first row UNDER the handle)

1 row 3/8" flat - red
1 row 1/4" flat - red
1 row 1 1/2" ash
1 row 1/4" flat - red
1 row 3/8" flat - red
5 rows 3/8" flat

Fold and tuck outside spokes. Cut off inside spokes.
Wrap rim with 1/2" flat/oval. Use seagrass for filler. Lash with 1/4" flat.

Stain your basket. When dry, weave the Shaker tape through the row of ash. Make a loop on the right side of the buckle and sew it to secure the loop. Weave the tape through the basket, then through the buckle and through one more spoke on the other side of the buckle. Leave as much tape as desired and sew the end to keep from raveling.

Copyright 1992 - Deborah V. Blair
This pattern may be printed out for use, but may not be printed out in quantity for resale.

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