"Small Apple Basket"

by Deborah Blair

(6" x 7-1/2" x 3")

1/4" flat/oval reed
1/4" flat - dyed red
1/2" flat reed
#2 round reed
medium cane
2 metal apple add-ons
D handle: 6" wide x 5" high

Cut from 1/2" flat: 9 spokes - 18" long

To lay out the base:
Place the handle horizontally in front of you. Place two spokes above and two spokes below the handle.
Weave in five spokes vertically. Base measures: 5 1/2" x 5 1/2."
Twine 2 rows around the base using #2 round reed.
Using 1/4" flat reed (dyed red), weave lattice fillers into the base. To do this, weave the 1/4" diagonally across the base in both directions, going in between the spokes. Cut the pieces at an angle at the outside edge of the base to hide them in between the spokes.

Upsett the spokes.
1 row - 1/2" flat
9 rows - 1/4" flat/oval

Fold and tuck outside spokes. Cut off inside spokes.
Wrap the rim with 1/2" flat. Use seagrass for filler. Lash with medium cane.
Stain the basket, if desired, and allow to dry before adding the apples.

Attach the apples on opposite sides of the basket at the handle. Insert the wires in between the rows of weavers and, on the inside of the basket, bend the wires to the side using a needlenose pliers. This will secure the apple to the basket.

The D-handle is available from Ada-K's. (Go to Suppliers Page)

Copyright 1997 - Deborah V. Blair
This pattern may be printed out for use, but may not be printed out in quantity for resale.

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