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Terms and Techniques

Basket Tips


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Pattern Exchange

Click here for great patterns online, ready to print out and use!

new_2_anim.gif (5322 bytes)   "Florida Keys"

new_2_anim.gif (5322 bytes)   "Kathy's Quilted Scissors Keeper"


          "State Quarter Basket"

          "Mail Pouch with a Heart"
          "Jordan's Easter Basket"

          "Cocomo Bowl"

          "Sandy's Candies"

          "Evergreen Treasure"


          "Garden Pockets"

          "Key to My Organization Baskets"


          "Falling in Love"

          "Winter Frost, Springtime Serenade, and Summertime Baskets"

             "Color Graph for "Turtle" as featured in Summer 2008 - purchase as a back issue for complete pattern

             "Color Graph for "Frog on a Cat" as featured in Summer 2008 - purchase as a back issue for complete pattern

             "Easy Twill Tote Basket"

          "White Woven Christmas"

          "Little Twill Ornament Basket" 

          "Kid's Pencil Basket"

          "Happy Pockets"

          "Button Basket"

          "Round Pillar Candle Holders"

          "Jingle Bells Gift Basket"

          "Rudolph's Rack Basket"

          "Painted Base Candy Dish Basket"

"Night Lite"

"Napkin Basket"

"Love Me"

"Small Easter"

"Little Snowman"

"Woven Designs Basket"

"Round Reed Americana"

"Stars and Stripes"

"S is for Snowmen"

"Rudolph's Basket"

"Springtime Wine Basket"

"Fancy Feet Basket"

"Holly Berry Christmas Basket"

"Daffodil Bucket"

Jessie's Button Basket

Summer Market Basket

Biscuit Basket

Little Duck Basket

Classic Round Basket

Buckle Up Basket

Smooth Sailin' Tote

Country Keeper

Small Apple Basket

Friendship Basket

Country Classic

Button Basket

Round Reed Market Basket

Christmas Holly Basket

Beginner Class Basket

Midsummer Night's Dream

Click here to request information on how to get your pattern online.


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The Idea Magazine for Basketmakers

(616) 846-7926 * sheri@justpatterns.com