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Specialty Items

Country Keeper
Key Basket

Handle: 8" x 13" $5.00
Pattern: $3.00
Includes directions
for both Country
Keeper Baskets

Country Keeper
New Towel Basket

Handle: 8" x 13" $5.00
Pattern: Free on the
Pattern Exchange

(three-tier handle)

Handle: 12" x 21" $7.00
(Triple Base)
Pattern: $4.00

New Items

Table Companion and Sidekick
Pattern, includes directions for both sizes, $4.00
8" x 13" Tablelamp Handle, $15.00
4" x 6" Tablelamp Handle, $13.00
Both handles include electrical.

Lampshades: large, cover with your own fabric.
8" lamp, $9.00
6" lamp, $9.00
Country blues or greens


Bedside Companion
6x10 Lamp with electrical in D Handle, $14.00
Pattern by Debbie Bigham, $3.50
Apple Plastic Bag Dispenser Basket
Pattern by Connie Robertson, $4.00
Handle: 7" x 16", $3.50
Wooden Lid with apple knob, $7.50
Apple String, $1.50


We custom make any size D handle.
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