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JUST PATTERNS was a quarterly publication for Basketmakers written and published by Sheri L. Van Duyn. Thank you for your years of Subscribing; new Issues are no longer being produced. Back Issues only are available.

To see the patterns available in the back issues, simply click on the Issue Name and Year below. Now you will be able to view the baskets featured on the Front Cover and read the Highlights of each of the Issues! Add to your Library!

Each issue contains five or more patterns, a Woven Blessings devotional, and advertising.

This is a new Address as of February 2017: Just Patterns
Magazine - 18127 Lost Creek Lane, Spring Lake, Michigan 49456
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Just Patterns Back Issues-Only the issues listed below are available, all other issues are sold out!

Just Patterns was started by Deb V. Blair in the Spring of 1991. While organizing all the Back Issues, I came across some of these earlier
Issues that I had acquired when I became the owner. Please note that these are more limited in quantity and when they are sold out, there
will be no more! Please check the Website for availability. View these by clicking on the Issue Name along with other Issues listed here!

____ Summer 1999: Mrs. Scarecrow, Great Pumpkin, Apple Box, Falling Leaves

In the Summer of 1999, Sheri L. Van Duyn purchases Just Patterns.  Note the change in Issue order with Winter at the end of the year!

____ Fall 1999: Nantucket Idea, Egg Shell, African Basket, North Dakota Bucket Purses, Worker’s Companion, Chinese Crown
____ Spring 2000: Magazine Tote Basket, Mini Magazine Tote Basket, Diamond Tote, Vicki Lynn Casserole Tote Basket,
                    Purse Tote of Many Designs.
____ Summer 2000: U.S.A. All The Way, Americana Trio, Americana Lamp or Utensil Basket, Four Corners, Old Glory, Colonial Flag
            Online Sample Issue
____ Fall 2000: White River Woodland Wonder, Mini Pumpkin Basket, Rooster in the Hen House, Desk Organizer, Sweet Seagrass,
                     Sheri’s Sunflower
____ Winter 2000: Sarah’s Angel, Woodland Santa, Holiday Wreath, Soap Basket, 6 Pointed Snowflake, Fingertip Tote
____ Spring 2001: Pineapple Basket, Twill Basket, Grandpa’s Cabin Basket, Gardening Companion, Just a Little Cutie,
                    Brian’s Baby Rattle, Recipe Basket, Sarah’s Spring Basket, Violet Basket, New England Bucket Purse-Anniversary Issue
____ Summer 2001: Woven Floral Vases, Pot Belly Twill, Toothpick Holder, Grandpa’s Wheelbarrow, Butterfly
____ Fall 2001: Cornucopia, Paper Twist Pumpkin, Hilda the Witch, Boo the Ghost, Pumpkin Time, Autumn Breeze,
                    The Learning Basket
____ Winter 2001: Moose Mountain, Angel Plastic Bag Holders, Freedom Angel, Ice Bucket or Cookie Jar Basket, Cathead Mitten
                    Storage Basket
____ Spring 2002: Tulip Tote, White Washed Herb, Watering Can, Extra-Large Chairside Basket, Judy’s Carryall
____ Summer 2002: Wedding Bell Blues, Patriotic Double Wall, Holiday Curl, May Day Basket, Cap and Diploma, Carpenter’s
                    Blues Overalls
____ Fall 2002: Cattail Stand Basket, Cattail Basket, Lazy Susan’s, Black Eyed Susan Gourd, Sunbonnet Sue Basket
____ Winter 2002: Lost Mitten, Tricia’s Angel, Sammy McSnowman, Sammy Jr. and Sally Snowman, Holiday Saplings, Whirligig’s
                    Mitten, Oval Lidded Double Layer Basket
____ Spring 2003: Blueberry Pie, Mason Jar Lifter, 5 Masher Baskets, Tomato Slicer, Pastry, Corer, Beater Basket
____ Summer 2003: S.S. Dinghy, Lady Bug-Lady Bug, Diamond Ash Bowls, 1 Fish-2 Fish, Triple Tier Picnic, Lady Bug Lane
____ Fall 2003: Indian Corn, Indian Quiver, Cookie Canister, Pumpkin Patch Lady, Country Canisters, Birch ‘n Feathers
Winter 2003: Grapevine Potato, Holiday Cheer, Santa Gourd, Ho Ho Basket, Santa's Sack, Total Twill, Mr. Snowman
____ Spring 2004: Springtime Vase, Flopsy, Emma Lou, Heart to Heart, Bunny in a Basket, Sequoyah
____ Summer 2004: Watermelon, Timmy the Turtle Gourd, Bumble Bee, Shoo Fly-Swatter, Violet Plant Basket, Lil' Charmers Beading
____ Fall 2004: Fall Foliage, Turkey in the Straw, Fall Gourd, Fall Flight, Pottery Bowl & Leaves(Pine Needle), Quilted Basket, Becka’s Tote
____ Winter 2004: Simplicity Star, Tapestry Antler, Candy Dish Baskets, Log Cabin & Bear, Bread Basket in the Pines, Waxed Linen
                   Snowman, Pumpin' Up
____ Spring 2005: Peter Cottentail, Lattice Heart, Helen's Daffodil Hoop, Nut Cup, Mr. Bunny, Pocketfull of Seeds
____ Summer 2005: State Quarter Basket, Strawberry Basket, Miniature Hats, Red Hat Society Shopper, Victorian Magazine
____ Fall 2005: 2’s & 5’s, Fall Hanging Cornucopia, Back Door Basket, Candle Ring, Therescilla Sue, Ole’ Glory          
____ Winter 2005: Jingle All the Way, Birch Bark Ornaments, Holiday Fingertip Basket, Peppermint Swirl, Christmas Carrier, Large and
                  Small  Santa, Little Snowman         

____ Spring 2006: Garlic Basket, Springtime Market, May Day, Spring Whimsy, Bread Basket, Bountiful Treasure, Simple Easter Basket,
                  Easter Eggs
Summer 2006: Lavendar Wands, Seed Packet Carrier Basket, Pride of the Peacock, 7" Pedestal Bowl, Denim Storage, Fishing Creel,
                  Night Lite, Napkin Basket
____ Fall 2006: Pumpkin Patch,Witches' Brew Basket, Black Cat Gourd, Beaded Indian Corn,Pumpkin Pin, Counter Top Catch All,
                  The Postage Stamp Basket
____ Winter 2006: Santa Spoon, Santa Gourd Face, Wrap It Up, Trumpet Time, Round Carrier, Cattails, Tote Around Town, Jingle Bell,
                  Rudolph's Rack Basket
____ Spring 2007: Heart to Heart, Black and White Bowl, Lattice Springtime, Peter Rabbit and His Carrots, Picture This Tote Basket
____ Summer 2007: House Basket, Gourd Bird House, Block Party, Big and Easy Tote, Yarn Basket, The Button Basket, Happy Pockets
____ Fall 2007: Apple for the Teacher, Southwest Rabbit Trail, Snake Charmer, Placemat Sampler, Flower Gathering Basket, Kid's Pencil Basket
____ Winter 2007: Golden Bell, Flower Frog, Doc Magee's Mini Nantucket, Nesting Holiday Trio, Yarn Holder, Holiday Candle Nitelight
____ Spring 2008:   Bird Nest, Bandana Basket, Twill Tote, Double Wall Tote, Gourd Bird House & Woven Roof, Beach Walk, Bunny Gourd
____ Summer 2008: Peach Gourd, Reed Diffuser, Seashell Pouch, Shuttle Basket, Twill Turtle, Frog on a Cat
____ Fall 2008: Apple Gourds, Fall in Love, Gourd Leaves, Herb Basket, Antler Baskets, Fall Frolic, Indian Summer
____ Winter 2008: Snowman Apple Gourd, Plaid Odd & End Totes, Plaid or Plain Buckle my Snowman, Snowflake, Cup of Java, Key to
                  Santa’s Heart, Deer in the Woods Hunting Time, Bear with a Scarf, Child is Born Gourd
____ Spring 2009: Think Pink, Heart to Heart, Rosebud Carrier Golden Nest, Golden Gourd, Key to my Organization, Springtime Flowers
                  Quilter's Pincusion II, Garden Pocket Basket Ornaments
____ Summer 2009: Gift Container, Treasures, Very Berry, Blackberry, Tissue Flower, Buzzing Along, Berry Picking Basket
____ Fall 2009: For Teacher's Desk, Back 2 School, Apple 4 the Teacher, Show 'N Tell, Apple Tie On, Smoky Towel, Smoky Mountain, Evergreen Treasure
____ Winter 2009: When You Wish Upon a Star, Snowman on the Run, Napkins Rings, Sandy's Candies, Small Nativity, Snowy Wall Basket
____ Spring 2010: Easter Eggs, Seagrass Swirl, Carrot Carrier, Pink Pot of Hope, Jenn's SUV, Cocomo Bowl, Jordan's Easter Basket
____ Summer 2010: Sunglass Basket, Coneflower Twill, Criss Cross Market, Friendship Basket, Mail Pouch with a Heart, Picnic Table Cloth Weights
____ Fall 2010: Scarecrow Gourd, Richie’s Carnival Jar, Adirondack Back Pack, Antler Card Basket, State Qurter Basket, Jack’ Lantern and Ghost Gourds,
                  School of Rock Tissue 
____ Winter 2010: Snowman Ornament, Round Holly Basket, Farmingdale, Fieldstone, County Pockets, Bridgeport, Shaker Hoop
____ Spring 2011: Garden Basket, Step Up to Margaret's Square, Fancy Mini Bean Pot Basket, Stackin' Hills and Valleys, Petite Steps

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Make check or money order payable to: Sheri Van Duyn . Please, no cash or credit cards. This is a new Address as of February 2017:

MAIL TO: Just Patterns Magazine, 18127 Lost Creek Lane, Spring Lake, Michigan 49456. Thank you!



Thank you! Thank you!     Whether you have been on my Mailing List for a year or for many years, I truly have valued you as a Subscriber. Your kind words of encouragement when you subscribed or when you sent in your renewal always meant so much. I loved hearing from you through your Emails or answering your questions. I looked forward to meeting you at Basket gatherings and still hope to greet and meet many more of you in the near future! Basket Weavers are simply the best people to work with!

                                                                                                                        Weaving Wishes!   ~Sheri    


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