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From Sheri’s Studio….

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Can this be? Brace yourself! Winter is here again? How the days seem to fly; especially this time of year. Thanksgiving comes so fast and then you blink to enjoy family with this special Holiday and Christmas is soon here. I'm trying to carve out time not to mention thinking about how I'll soon be carving and eating a turkey ...mmm!

As temperatures dip even further, I'm reminded of how quickly this holiday season is approaching. If you're like me, you're probably scrambling to finish holiday decorating, card creating and gift making. And with more time spent indoors, I wish you joy as you finish and enjoy your holiday preparations. In this Issue, you'll find plenty of inspiration for the entire Winter Season.

My “Snowman Ornament” is a good exercise in flat reed of various sizes. This makes a great package tie on or use for a Christmas tree ornament or hang in the window all Winter. Glue glitter or diamond dust for an extra amount of sparkle.

I have also designed my “Round Holly Basket” which is woven entirely in round reed and accented with a wide Ash band. Later Holly leaves and berries can be painted into this band or a ribbon can be inserted over this band. A braided border completes the weaving as dyed round reed handles are added along with silk or leather holly as accent.

Marilyn Wald’s “Farmingdale” is a neat square basket with a solid twill base. The sides weave up straight as a double wall basket to hold the wonderful leather handles and is accented with the American Star Flag. A very sturdy basket and great weaving project!

Marilyn Wald has designed “Fieldstone” which uses flat reed as weavers and then tucks them back into the basket as handles. This is a great beginner basket and makes up easily for a neat first time project for younger weavers. A super Teacher basket accented with a wooden mitten for this time of year. Fill with cocoa, cookies or a pair of mittens. Look for this pattern available on my Website www.justpatterns.com on the Pattern Exchange.

Marilyn Wald has also designed her “Country Pockets.” This tall basket features a large D handle for carrying. As you weave up the sides, a woven pocket is added on both long sides of the basket and lashed into place. A rusty tin star and foliage is inserted into the pocket for accent and decoration.

“Bridgeport” by Marilyn Wald makes a great functional weaving project with a solid woven base. Accents of dyed reed are woven into the side as the basket is shaped. After the basket is finished, the four corners are also accented with the same color dyed reed. Leather handles make this one easy to carry and tote.

“Shaker Hoop” is a unique wall basket designed by me. This Winter themed basket is woven in flat or flat oval reed using the Shaker Cheese base. A round reed hoop is shaped around the edge. Greens, ribbon, berries and candle are added to accent. Choose to decorate seasonal or all year round.

 Enjoy these projects as another year is quickly ending; enjoy being with your loved ones and those you hold dear. Make memories special to last throughout the years!

 I wish you warmth and joy as you enjoy all that this Season brings!

Happy New Year! Blessings in 2011!

Weaving Wishes!

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