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Winter 2003 "Just Patterns"

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From Sheri's Studio . . . .

Autumn leaves have fallen and cool breezes are blasting in. Soccer season was super! My son, Brian, a junior, was on the Varsity team with a record of 23-1-1 (That is 23 wins, 1 loss, and 1 tie!). Heading to state with the soccer team has always been his dream and this year the dream became reality. The reality is his team became State Champions in Division IV – Go Warriors of Western Michigan Christian High School! What an awesome accomplishment!

My "Grapevine Potato Basket" uses a grapevine hoop as the framework for this unique style basket. Weaving from side to side is very relaxing and the great thing about this basket is there are no spokes to cut and tuck. Seashells, my trademark, cascade around the sides. Use this to hold mini pinecones or potpourri.

My twill woven "Holiday Cheer" is done in natural and then dyed in Scarlet red for the Holiday Season. Santa’s face is painted on an upside down wooden heart and tied onto the basket. This makes the perfect Hostess gift for any party by adding a bottle of your favorite Holiday Cheer.

My "Santa Gourd" features a red painted mini gourd with Santa’s eyes glistening for the upcoming season. White painted round reed wrapped around a pencil completes Santa’s beard. This project will look great on the tree or in a wreath or makes the perfect present topper!

My "Ho Ho Basket" is a really potato masher in disguise. Paint the handle with Santa’s likeness and weave this festive basket for the holidays by adding jingle bells in the braided border; great for holding Michigan holly, pinecones, or candy canes. Check out my Website www.justpatterns.com for the basket and pattern woven using the Reindeer Masher. This handle was designed by my High School Senior Art Student-Lena Jager! (Please go to the Weaver’s Page!)

"Santa’s Sack" by Ginny Healy is a larger gourd painted with Santa’s shape and all the toys for the good little boys and girls. Santa’s Bag is the natural gourd color, while all other items are painted in acrylics.

Gina Kieft’s "Total Twill" is a great work out with a twill base and sides. Woven in smoked and natural reed and finished by lashing in wax linen this is the perfect tray to hold holiday cards or treats.

I fell in love with "Mr. Snowman" by Lori Champeaue the first time I saw him, chase woven, and then painted white; the eyes, mouth, and earmuff handle are black patent leather! Add a carrot nose and your own knitted scarf around his neck to complete the look.

Enjoy the upcoming season with family, fun, and festivities. Make this time of year more memorable for those you hold dear!

Happy Holidays!

Weaving Wishes!

Sheri Sig

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