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Winter 2001 "Just Patterns"


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From Sheri’s Studio....

As this year draws to a close, the events of this fall will linger with us for years to come. Many historic events have happened since the last Issue of Just Patterns Magazine. My hope is that peace will prevail and that our great country "Stands United" as we grow stronger in our appreciation of our freedom and patriotism.

My "Moose Mountain Basket" is a very large basket featuring a Rusty Tin insert with the moon, evergreen tree, and a moose in the arch of the Country handle. A solid woven base with reed and seagrass twining goes up the side. The silhouette of mountains is threaded through the sides with seagrass going around the circumference. A rusty cabin and evergreen tree nestle at the base of Moose Mountain.

Juhe Kleinrath's "Angel Plastic Bag Holder" is shown in 2 sizes. An oval wooden donut is used at the base for inserting the spokes. A bushel basket handle is lashed into the back for hanging up this functional basket allowing plastic bags to be pulled through the hole of the base. Choose either size with a wooden or cloth angel as the keeper of your bags.

My "Freedom Angel" is shaped using white washed reed pieces plus a halo. A wooden disc is used for her face and crocheted netting is added giving this angel her wings. Perfect tree topper for a mini tree or add as an ornament for your Christmas gifts to celebrate the opportunities this great country offers. I designed this "Freedom Angel" after the events of September 11, 2001. Her waving of the American flag shows her patriotism.

Sherry Stephen's "Ice Bucket or Cookie Jar Basket" can be used for either purpose. The plastic insert is used as a mold while weaving this basket; add the lid to keep ice cold or your cookies fresh. A swing handle can also be added. This basket is great for your holiday entertaining and all year long.

The "Cathead Mitten Storage Basket" by Mary Smith-Stokes will dry and hold your mittens, hats, and scarves. If you want a large basket, this is the one for you. The unusual cathead shapes this basket. After three little kittens lost their mittens, they hung them out to dry on this wooden mitten rack attached to this winter wear storage basket.

Happy Holidays! May love surround all those you hold dear at Christmas time and all through the coming year. Weaving Wishes!

Sheri Sig

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