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From Sheri’s Studio….

Well Summer is here again, but will it ever warm up is my question? As a Teacher, it’s nice to have cool weather the last few weeks of school, as it sure keeps students more on track. They do not seem to check out quite so early; but in May, I was still wearing long sleeves and jackets to school each and everyday. I had to chuckle because my friend’s son was done with Preschool before his siblings were finished with school and said, “OK, my school is done, so is tomorrow Summer?” From the mouth of babes! If it just worked that way!

I know that several areas all over the country have already had the heat, but not here in Western Michigan. So I am hoping that Summertime warms up during the months that it is supposed to be warm and does not wait until school starts again.  In the meantime, let’s look at our projects!

Karen Griffith owns and operates the Farmers’ Wives and has some great baskets and kits which I have featured in this Issue. “Gift Container” has a woven bottom and uses a freezer container as a mold to weave around and then serves as a liner; it also features a fabric strip in the wide band with a rusty tin accent and a wood grooved lid for a cover.

“Treasures” by Karen uses a ceramic pot with an attached wooden grooved base. The spokes are inserted and caning is continuously woven around. A lid with a porcelain knob seals airtight to the pot. Great for a candy dish holder or cotton balls in the bathroom; you’ll find many great uses for this one!  

Karen Griffith’s “Very Berry” is a round basket with a stained D handle. Spokes and weavers are dyed in black; rims are added and then stained. Berries and rusty tin stars are added for accents.

Karen’s “Blackberry” is also shown on the front cover and in the inside, but you will find this cute basket on my Website. Again woven in dyed black spokes and weavers, this one is sure to make a great hit with the addition of the berries and rusty tin star.  

My “Tissue Flower” is designed as a solid carrying basket. This makes the perfect centerpiece and uses Mod Podge which might have been used years ago and is now making a popular come back. Stroke on petal tissue paper shapes to decorate this basket.

“Buzzing Along” is my small round basket with a matchstick border at the top. The curls are added around and the basket is stained your favorite color. Shape fimo clay bumble bees to “buzz” around your basket! One bee sits on top of the basket; check out its flight pattern with the wrapped round reed!

My “Berry Picking Basket” is a tribute to my younger days when Mom would drop us kids off to pick blueberries at a local blueberry farm. We would wear a belt around our waist or a strap across our chest and a pail attached so our hands were free to pick. The first day we picked, we were almost sick because we ate so many berries, but by the end of the week we were actually making money. This basket has a solid bottom and continuous weave with triple dyed round reed and a wide band to paint in. Rings are inserted before the rims are lashed on; then Shaker tape strap is added, adjust to wear at a comfortable length.

Enjoy these projects and the long days of Summer! Teach a child, grandchild or a friend how to weave; pass on your passion! In the meantime--Relax, toss your own weaving project in the lake or pool to soak and weave, weave, weave!

Happy Summer!

Happy Weaving!

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