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From Sheri' Studio....

Travel, Time, and Temperature! These three "T's" seem to explain my life lately! Spring Break found me traveling to Orlando, Florida with my husband and our senior son, Brian. I was able to have fun in the sun while relaxing by the pool with my weaving supplies. I am always amazed how doing a simple thing like weaving can strike up a conversation- it is the best way to meet people who cannot believe that you are creating a woven basket!

Coming home I had a few days to regroup before taking another trip south to the Indiana Basket Convention. I had a great time with my basket roommate, Patricia for 18 years. We both made some beautiful baskets and had a super time with our workshops. I met some of you at Marketplace and it is always wonderful to put a face to those who subscribe or whom I have had the chance to Email. Columbus was a wonderful town with many things in blossom and full of architecture.

Then back home for a week and traveling to Michigan's Spring Event for basketmakers. The only thing "Spring" was in the name. With a forecast of 11" of snow; I traveled to Kalamazoo staying overnight while the flurries came in the morning with bitter cold. Now it is May and there is still something wrong having snow flurries on my tulips and daffodils, I really hope the temperature will start to warm up and stay that way.

Now, it's time for the baskets in this Summer Issue. The first basket that I designed was the "State Quarter Basket." The bases were designed by O'Brian Trawick who was the first one to come up with this creation of cutting out the outline of the 50 states and then adding the cutout to insert the correct quarter. Yes, all 50 are available! Of, course not all the quarters have been minted yet, but you will be ready when your state is released. This will be great for your favorite state or if you are collecting state quarters or for a family reunion - simply Woodburn your family name and date into the base. (I am using mine to give to my Mother for her 70th birthday on May 13 as I found a 1935 quarter to put in the opening-Shhh! It's a secret, but a good one!)

My 'Strawberry Basket" is a basic basket design. A great beginner basket for any age - the Ash curls and hand wrapped handle make a cute accent. Size is perfect to hold a strawberry quart box. Great to use for gathering berries or makes an ideal centerpiece basket.

Nancy Vander Wall's "Miniature Hats" are a delight. Woven from waxed linen, the "Top Hat" started this collection as created for Debbie Richard's Snowman (Winter 2004 Issue) - since plastic hats were hard to find. Several styles are featured here. Picking a favorite is hard, but 'The Cat in the Hat" always makes me smile!

Ronda Brugh's "Red Hat Society Shopper" is the perfect blend of reds and violets with a violet painted wooden grooved base and the ceramic signature red hat tie on. You'll be the "hit" of your group when you carry your new shopper on those Red Hat outings!

Pam Talsky's "Victorian Magazine" is the best exercise in weaving with round reed in a 4 rod whale complete with a braided border in the wooden base along with a Gretchen border at the top! Many helpful hints are included here along with going to my Website to check out the diagrams that go with this functional basket. Woven all in natural and smoked round reed, wooden beads are added along the top for accent.

Well, time to share one more secret! On June 8, 2005, 1 will have my 50th birthday! I'm looking forward to celebrating with family and friends and being "FRAMED". Instead of "gifts" for me, I'm asking my guests to donate money to the framing fund at Western Michigan Christian High School. This way I can hang more student artwork in the halls of school and showcase their talents! Fabulous at 50, so fun!

Happy Summer!
Weaving Wishes!

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