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Summer 2004 "Just Patterns"


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From Sheri's Studio . . . .  

Summertime!! I love summertime; school is out for summer. I really enjoyed settling into my new art classroom this year with all my 150 boxes unpacked and finding their new home. Hopefully this summer I can fill my days with a less structured daily routine. As school exits, I have my "to do" list hoping to accomplish all my "projects." Alas, I know that summer is all too short with school starting before Labor Day. Yet this season is a wonderful change of pace for me; I hope you find time to relax for weaving or enjoy time spent at the beach or with family picnics.

I have developed this Issue as short, sweet, and summer. I know these projects can be accomplished quite quickly for gifts, summer gatherings or craft shows. Enjoy this variety.

My "Water Melon Basket" creates a wonderful slice of summer. Using 2 wooden hoops as the framework adding a woven God’s eye. This melon shape with its coloring is a perfect match with sunflower seeds added for a more realistic look.

"Timmy the Turtle" Gourd is dedicated to my son, Brian. When younger, he spent most of the summer trying to catch as many turtles as possible. His catch and release continues to this day when I have to stop so he can help a turtle cross the road. Use a wood burning tool or permanent marker to create this fun gourd.

My "Bumble Bee" is a fun exercise in color play. Weave this cute as a bug with yellow and black dyed stripes. Add wire or pipe cleaner wings to complete his buzzing effect.

"Shoo Fly, Don’t Bother Me" is my fly swatter. As the weather warms up, so do the bugs. Weave this easy "bug zapper" and rid your yard or picnic area. Try different wrap techniques for the handle. A great gift for summer gatherings or decorate and hang on your door to announce summer’s arrival. This would be a fun one for the kids to weave!

Sharon Klusmann has designed an adorable "Violet Basket". The wooden base has spokes inserted and woven with a wonderful violet dyed color. A plastic insert will hold your potted violet; or weave in red to hold a geranium plant for centerpieces for picnics or plan ahead and weave several for a wonderful poinsettia planter gift.

"Lil’ Charmers" by Brenda Traffis is a wonderful beaded choker necklace. Try beading with Delica beads in a Peyote Stitch to create 1 or all 5 basket styles. Wear this necklace with one single design or with all shown here to show off your favorite pastime. Great with summer’s necklines!

Enjoy the long days of summer with the projects featured here. Walk and take time to enjoy the sweet, long days of summer. Happy Weaving! Happy Summer!

Sheri Sig

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