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Summer 2003 "Just Patterns"


From Sheri's Studio . . . .

This year seems to be flying! The school year is almost over and I look forward to summer. I have really enjoyed my Spring Break this year. My husband had to be in charge of his office, so I took a road trip with my 16-year-old son, Brian, to North Carolina traveling to Jodi Shebester’s "The Basket House". Staying for 4 nights; I would weave morning and evenings, then we went sightseeing during the day. I highly recommend visiting Jodi and weaving with her, she is so knowledgeable and a wonderful selection of baskets awaits you.

I really had a hard time deciding after looking everything over. I had brought some Nantucket’s to finish and since Jodi has taught these many times, I thought I would "pick her brain." I really accomplished much and I am totally delighted to have finished so many Nantucket baskets. My son even wove a small basket in his favorite color, orange. Great stay, great baskets, wonderful trip! (See Jodi’s Ad in this Issue.)

My "Dinghy" Boat is a welcome to summer. A.K.A. the S.S. Basket Boat starts out with a wooden base and after weaving, oars are connected with a wooden dowel to shape the handle, which pivots up for carrying, or down for serving. Your catch of 2 wooden fish is tied to the side.

"Lady Bug, Lady Bug" is really a cat’s head basket in disguise. First I wove in the traditional basket upside down to form the cat’s ears. This pot belly shape is completed by adding a stoneware ladybug handle and woven bug’s head. Dyed or painted, this cute bug adds buttons for its spots to appear and wire is twisted and added for antennae.

"Diamond Ash Bowls" by JoAnn Kelly Catsos are twill woven over a small mushroom mold with natural and stained black ash splint. Besides designing this cute duet, JoAnn also prepares all her own ash to weave for her workshops and is now set up to sell kits to you. I had a wonderful opportunity to weave with JoAnn at Conventions and last year a few days in our Guild; ash is simply a beautiful material to weave with to try new techniques.

"1 Fish – 2 Fish" by Charlotte Blanton is an adorable fishing creel, which can be used as a mini purse or compliment your nautical theme. A wooden base starts out your potbelly basket; a leather strap and wooden lid with a fish latch and 2 fish for the catch of the day complete the look.

"The Triple Tier Picnic Basket" by Candice Williams is a must for church potlucks or family reunions this summer. This large basket is shaped by using an Oak Hoop for the guide and adds stability when lashed as an inside rim with 2 swing handles. A wooden piece is added to the base. Then two wooden shelves, one sitting and the other hanging from the rim along with 2 smaller baskets to hold silverware, napkins, and condiments make sure that you arrive at your gathering with one trip.

I designed "Ladybug Lane Basket" after seeing the smaller baskets inside the picnic Basket. This one is a little taller and features 2 adorable ladybug ceramic handles (bumblebee handles are also available). Cute to hold candles or silverware, this makes a nice addition for your patio picnics.

I hope this fun collection of baskets gets you weaving outdoors this summer. I am already enjoying many things in bloom, but am waiting for the weather to warm up, so I can get creative and weave on the deck and by the boat. Enjoy Summer!

Happy Weaving!

Sheri Sig

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