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From Sheri’s Studio….

With this Issue Just Patterns turns 20 years old! This is really something to celebrate! I purchased the Magazine from Deb Blair the original owner in the Fall of 1999 and have been producing and promoting a quality Basketry Magazine for over 11 years. While I am so proud of all of my Issues, designs, Advertisers, as well as my Subscribers who have become my friends; I have decided that this will be the last Issue that I will be producing!

This year started out with much encouragement as my Mom, Sally was released to Adult Health Care after a 10 week hospital stay for a wound that just would not heal. Being diabetic everything is a much slower process; she even had her dialysis right in this hospital room. At her insistence Mom wanted my husband and I to head south to get work finished on their Florida condo; the entire front porches were being redone with new hurricane windows and this was going to be a mess. This weighed heavily on Mom's mind. Our son, Brian and his girlfriend, Michelle flew down for a couple of days before college classes resumed and he proposed at Grandma's condo! We called this trip “Operation Engagement” as we had taken the ring down; Grandma was especially happy to hear this news! My husband and the kids flew home; I continued to work ordering new tile, getting the paint and blinds back up. My Mom took a turn for the worse. I flew home immediately only to say my good-byes. While I was preparing her earthly home, God was calling her to His heavenly home.

I have really struggled with continuing the Magazine as I so enjoy the Basket Community, but this will allow me to pursue other venues such as teaching at basket gatherings. I will be reimbursing you for the remainder of your Issues. If you would like to contact me by Email or by mail and take this out through Back Issues, I will send these your way and I will take care of the postage; this will be on me- a one time offer! To check out Back Issues, please go www.justpatterns.com and click on the Order Form. To view the Issue you are reading about, simply click on the heading and you will be Linked to a Page about that Issue that will show you the Front Cover and describe the baskets featured inside From Sheri's Studio. Please give me time to do so with all the Subscribers!

I am going to continue the Website and have only Back Issues available here. If you sign up for my Email, I will be posting Patterns Online. Believe it or not, I still have a big list of ideas that I wanted to feature, so these will appear from time to time in this format. Plus, I do so enjoy weaving. However, being an Art Teacher, I also want to pursue other areas of the Arts. Since becoming the owner of Just Patterns I have taught, given lectures, had my baskets featured at Conventions, at the Atrium Gallery and also the Muskegon Museum of Art . So I still want to grow as a weaver, but this past year I have entered 2 of the largest Art Shows in my area and entered my own Photography- in ArtPrize and ArtWalk; I really enjoyed both experiences. I am currently teaching 2 classes to my High School Students in Photography besides my Art classes. So I do want to free up some time to pursue some of these other avenues. Just Patterns is solely put together by me and this has truly been a labor of love which I have thoroughly enjoyed over the years, but now is the time for me to pursue other Medias. So on with the Patterns…

My “Garden Basket” will get you into the swing of things for planting your Spring flowers and keeping them trim. Tote this basket with you as you work around the yard to keep your tools organized throughout the entire season. This will be the perfect, sturdy basket with a wooden base and the fabric strap to hang your tools across the back. Four wooden ball or disc feet can be added to the base to give more years to the life of this functional basket; makes a great gift for the gardener on your list.

“Kathy's Quilted Scissors Keeper” was designed by me with my younger sister, Kathy in mind. While I appreciate quilts, my sister has made over 200 beautiful quilts! To keep her special fabric scissors separate, I have made this basket to hang by her sewing machine. This wall basket uses a “D” handle and weaves up quickly. Add accents of pinking-sheared fabric squares with buttons and mini spools wrapped with fabric. (I chose green and white-our high school's colors!). Please see the web site for this pattern.

“ Florida Keys ” is one of my smaller baskets. Woven around a “D” handle this has triple weave at the top. The spokes at the top of the basket are cut to look like a picket fence and great for holding keys. Plus, this wall basket has a tropical accent of a dyed round reed and a wooden hibiscus glued in place once woven thus called the Florida Keys ! Please see the web site for this pattern.

“Step Up to Margaret's Square” by Anne Bowers begins with a braided cane handle. A God's Eye holds the framework together. Most egg baskets are rounded, try this square shape and you will love it! Even though this basket is not very large, it is a wonderful rib basket to start out with; plus it is woven in cane and reed.

Anne Bowers has designed the “Fancy Mini Bean Pot Basket.” This is a great exercise in shaping. Using a continuous weave to create the rounded shape; the top is accented using a triple weave in 1 color or 3 different colors. Have fun experimenting here. Then lash on the braided wire handle with the eyelets.

“Stackin' Hills and Valleys” by Gail Hutchison is a colorful square basket using dyed flat and round reed to create hills. Then 3 rod wale weaves around and the valleys are woven in. Colorful spaced dyed rows are woven at the top with a dyed flat oval rim lashed on to complete. Many weaving techniques in this basket!

Gail Hutchison uses a multitude of weaving techniques in “Petite Steps” . Starting out with a slotted oval wooden base all spokes are inserted and the weave begins. Accented in the center with dyed pieces, round reed is stacked on the top and bottom of these pieces. The rim has a double round rim lashed into place and a 6” swing handle which lays on the top of the basket making this easier to carry.

I hope you enjoy these Patterns in my last Issue.

Thank you again my Weaving Friends!

Weaving Wishes!

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