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From Sheri’s Studio….

I am always looking for new ways to get inspired. Whether I am simply walking through an antique shop, a floral store, a gallery, or a thrift store, I am always looking for new color designs and sources of ideas-old and new. Having the Winter Tri-Mester off from teaching Art; I was fortunate to spend January in Florida and even more so to find that there were outdoor Art Shows every weekend by the ocean between West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale. I really enjoy seeing what artists are creating in other parts of the country. In the south it seems like their palette is much lighter and brighter!

 I also attended the opening Show at the Norton Museum of Art in Palm Beach featuring Georgia O’ Keefe and Ansel Adams. I have introduced both these artists to my high school students and will continue to do so; especially after such a great show-Paintings and Photography.

I did enjoy weaving and swimming almost daily in a salt water pool (Great on your skin!) My mind never seems to rest! I love to sketch designs with either green tea or a diet Sprite in hand! So try a few of these techniques in this Issue and get your creative juices going! Celebrate your weaving techniques and styles; continue to play with color-it is so fun!

“Think Pink” is a wonderful tribute to Breast Cancer. Jackie Carlson has come up with an easy centerpiece to use for awareness and this one ties in the color along with the shape. Add a few silk flowers and the reed looks like the pink ribbons that you see everywhere for awareness.

My small “Heart to Heart” is a great exercise using super fine caning. I learned early on that working smaller is not always easier, but this sure is a cute and delightful heart. I keep this one full of chocolate kisses on my desk! Yum!

My “Rosebud Carrier” is a basic carrier with caning used to miter the base and as a handle wrap along with dyed round reed in a 3 strand braid also used for rim filler. An ash band allows painting rosebuds to accent this basket when finished.

 I am using the Midas Touch here to see “gold”- my first project is a “Golden Nest.” This high-rise nest was inspired after living in the Florida condo. I loved creating the nest along with the addition of the vine to the reed which was inserted into the flowerpot. Once dried this project was sprayed gold and eggs were added for an accent.

My “Golden Gourd” is a wonderful technique in preparing, cutting, and painting a gourd. The addition of the leather collar is an accent which is cut using a pinking shear. Have fun with this one!

Julie Kleinrath has been very busy creating some very new and functional designs. The first is “The Key to my Organization” which is woven on a slotted rectangular wooden base. One side is woven shorter to hold the salt/pepper and sugar and the other side will be woven higher to hold your napkins. This one will be great in your own kitchen or trailer. The wooden heart with an old fashioned key and buttons make the perfect accent.

Julie has also designed “Springtime Flowers” which is one of my favorites. This large slotted wooden divided base with handle has a wonderful border trim. Julie’s Mom and sister have made all the flowers, but she has also included the pattern if you wish to “grow” your own-they are simply delightful!

“Quilter’s Pincushion II” is Julie’s newest design for the quilter in your life holding one spool of thread and also your pincushion. Again, Julie’s family has made a simple one that holds steel wool to keep your needles and straight pins sharp. Start out with a slotted wooden base; the spokes are inserted and the basket is woven and a matchstick braid finishes off the top. Small buttons are wired on each side for accent. Check out her other baskets seen on the back cover and their patterns can be found on the Weaver’s Exchange on my Website www.justpatterns.com Check this out along with over 40 other patterns there!

Happy Weaving!

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