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From Sheri’s Studio….

Happy New Year! A New Beginning!
First semester and exams are behind me and second semester is in full swing. I always tell my Art students to use their talents daily and develop their artistic abilities by working to their best and turning in their artwork and sketches on time. Never quit trying; if you don’t try, you don’t succeed!

Hopefully Spring is right around the corner. Winter is great for hibernating. In Michigan we have already had a few “snow days” (Two words a teacher loves to hear!) and some very cold, cold days. I’ve been able to weave, take photographs, scrapbook and cook up some new recipes-all things that I enjoy doing. So I will share a few of my new weavings in this Issue. So enjoy these baskets. 

Pat Chicklon’s “Heart to Heart” is a mini version take-off from a Grace Kabel basket. This small heart uses a cardboard framework to shape the perfect heart. Woven in round and flat oval reed; hang this one up or fill with chocolates.

 Marlys Sowers has designed her “Black and White Bowl” in a striking twill weave. This 7” diameter basket is woven over a mold with an India ink stained cherry wooden grooved base. The combination of black and natural cane and both color staves creates this beauty. The rim is a perfect fit and also dyed with the ink.

 My “Lattice Springtime” is a large wall basket with a picket like or lattice border on the top. I have painted this basket in pink and white giving a shabby-chic look and adding a hand painted Ash insert featuring a Rabbit and woven backpack. This is a great basket for a spring arrangement or wall basket to hold magazines.

 Sandy Atkinson has a delightful “Peter Rabbit and His Carrots” for Springtime or makes a nice Easter basket. This colorful basket is woven with dyed reed in an easy twill pattern and the hand painted handle with Peter Rabbit is inserted and the carrots are tied on to complete the overall look.

 Sandy Atkinson has also designed “Picture This Tote Basket”. This large carrier basket has inserts for 3 picture frames to fit into the sides of this unique basket. These photos can easily be changed out and show off your children or grandchildren. A great tote to take to any basket gathering, or any weekend get away; especially a scrapbooking one.

I hope that you enjoy this Issue of baskets. One of the challenges from the Coordinator at the Michigan Basketry Convention (AMB) was to share your love of weaving with a few people in the next year and keep up the momentum of weaving. Yes, we all love our passion, but are we really sharing this passion to others who might want to give this a try? I have really taken this to heart. In December, I taught all 40 of my Art 1 students how to weave a newspaper basket. After spending 2 class periods on this and learning the techniques; I let them design and weave a “CD” Basket. The base size was standard-6” x 9”, but the weaves were all so different. Some had rows of dyed reed in flat or round reed. Some had a center handle going the long way or the short way across the top, while others had 2 side handles. Some stained a light color, while others preferred the darker stains. Most shared their basket as a Christmas gift to their parents who could not believe their child could actually create such a thing. Then in January’s Independent time, several students continued their weaving skills creating berry, egg, market, and even large hampers. I have always taught these weaving techniques, but really challenged them to do more. So continue to teach basketry to others throughout the year! I wish you a fantastic woven filled year… May all your baskets be full of blessings!

Stay warm… and stay inspired...this year!!

Happy Spring!

Weaving Wishes!

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Looking for these Patterns? The "Round Pillar Candle Holders" is also designed by Sandy Atkinson. This basket along with others are free patterns available by going to my Website. Please visit www.justpatterns.com and go to the Patterns Exchange Page. There you will find this pattern along with 34 other patterns that you can print out for your own personal use. No Computer? Ask a friend or visit your local Library. Enjoy! Happy Weaving!

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