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Spring 2003 "Just Patterns"

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I have always enjoyed the saying - "Out with the old and in with the new!" At the beginning of a New Year, it seems like everything is a clean slate and life begins again with a fresh start! Resolutions are made and hopefully not broken. I would like to start my first Issue of Just Patterns for 2003 using "old" items from the past, incorporated into new baskets for you to weave and enjoy!

My 'Blueberry Pie" is dedicated to my sister, Kathy who collects rolling pins. The rolling pin serves as a handle and is great to tote 2 pies to your potluck. This also makes an attractive low basket when lined with a cloth for bread and muffins on your buffet table.

Bonnie Hauser designed the "Mason Jar Lifter Basket" from a canning kettle holder. This handle is twined into the base of the basket, which could hold tea bags or spices. Bonnie also designed a "Masher Basket" to compliment each other with their braided borders.

Jana Tafelski's "Masher Baskets" are adorable using an old potato masher, which doubles as the base and handle. Three baskets are shown; the round one features a wonderful matchstick border, the oval has a reed divider and the oblong can hold more.

I have also designed several styles of "Masher Baskets" which I call here "Mashed Potato", and I dedicate this one to my basket roommate Patricia Symanski who has been weaving Masher Baskets for about 6 years. The fun thing about these baskets is that you can use your favorite potato masher or your Grandma's as a handle to create this clever basket.

My "Tomato Slicer" basket promises to keep your kitchen recipes or bills organized. Beautiful without and unique with the addition of this slicer lashed to the rim makes this one old and unique. Fun color play is added with dyed reed overlays-very dynamic.

My "Pastry Basket" can be woven up or down. Here, a pastry blender is lashed to the top of the basket and can be used to hold your recipe cards while cooking. Flipped down, the pastry blender serves as a handle for a ribbed basket with the wire used as primary ribs for this fun basket. Look for this one in an upcoming issue.

My "Corer Basket" is a round basket, which uses an old "peeler/corer" as a handle. This basket plays on color with its simple over/under weave and can also serve as a wall basket by hanging on the wall through the hole of the handle.

Imagine my surprise when attending the 2002 AMB Michigan Basket Convention and I spotted a "Beater Basket" by Jeanne Dudley. I knew I had to feature this one in my Magazine. This stilted basket is taller in the back than in the front and the old eggbeater is lashed as a central handle. (Another great new basket using something old.)

I hope that using the old with the new is a fun challenge for you to weave. Any of the above baskets can be woven without the old kitchen gadgets if you are not into antiques. Use your favorite kitchen tools, or attend flea markets or $1.00 stores to find some of these unique themed handles. Have fun in this New Year - reusing the while constructing the future!

Blessings in 2003! Happy New Year!

Happy Weaving!!

Sheri Sig

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