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Spring 2001 "Just Patterns"


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From Sheri's Studio....

Just Patterns is celebrating its 10th Anniversary with this Issue. Just Patterns made its debut in the Spring of 1991 and was founded by Deborah V. Blair (make sure to read about the growth of the magazine in the timeline later in the Issue). As part of our celebration, this Anniversary issue will be larger and feature 10 patterns for the 10 years that it has been in publication.

My "Pineapple Basket" is truly a symbol of hospitality and designed as my thank you to all of you, my subscribers, for warmly welcoming me as the new owner of Just Patterns. This basket makes a perfect house warming gift or Anniversary present. I created this large enough to hold a bottle of wine. Making the curls is so much fun!

One of her favorite twill patterns, "Twill Basket" by Deborah V. Blair, is seen on each Issue in the Perkins' Ad (see back cover), which were all woven by the originator of Just Patterns.

Since this Issue is celebrating a milestone; I invited my basket friends and roommates, Pat and Barb, to have their baskets featured in this party issue. Pat Symanski has roomed with me at Basket Conventions for over 14 years. Her "Grandpa's Cabin Basket" is woven with a twill base and birch bark sides. A deer antler adds character and serves as this basket's handle.

Barb Grzeszak's "Gardening Companion" will function as a great tool basket for weaving or floral arranging or gardening. Complete with double swing handles for ease in carrying seeds and tools. Your scissors will always be in place in the round reed pouch added to the outside of this basket.

Suzanne Moore's "Just a Little Cutie" is simply an adorable basket, which can hold pencils or nail polish or serve as a kitchen basket holding your favorite spices. The wooden slotted base starts out this elongated basket.

"Brian's Baby Rattle" is a great exercise in round reed and was designed by me. My son, Brian enjoyed this woven toy as a baby.

My "Recipe Basket" is a handy kitchen basket for storing your tasty recipes inside. The slanted, wooden lid holds your favorite recipe in place while cooking. Add a ceramic piece to tie in your kitchen theme.

"Sarah's Spring Basket" is a refreshing new look into this season. I designed this little Easter basket to be white washed with painted bunnies and dotted flowers. Mizuhiki is a Japanese paper cord that adds a glisten to the dyed round reed base.

My 'Violet Basket" uses my favorite handle to hold two 4" Violet plants perfectly. A four-stranded braid in round reed is used for rim filler and can be adapted to add in other woven baskets.

"New England Bucket" basket is a product designed from Baskets of Joy. This large, round basket features a slotted wooden base and unique swing handle crafted in their own Maine shop. The start of this basket is made easier by using the enclosed Pie Chart.

Enjoy this Anniversary Issue of Just Patterns. Thank you for the encouragement and notes that I have received since becoming the new owner. I wanted this Issue to celebrate Just Patterns and my love of Basketry! I hope we all enjoy many continued years of weaving together!

Weaving Wishes!

Sheri Sig

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