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From Sheri’s Studio….

Sadly Summer is winding down and as routine is returning to many households across the country; including mine. Schools will be alive with the buzz of teachers and students back in the hallways and classrooms. If you're a teacher or staff at any level of education, I apologize for the harsh reminder. But various signals point to the upcoming school year (including that cute commercial that has various school supplies washing up on the beach, just prior to the school marm showing up).

 The air is crisp. The leaves are turning. I have apple cider in the refrigerator and pumpkin ice cream is at our local ice cream stand. We have been through the coldest Summer on record here in Michigan, so the transition should be an easy one! I know the best days will be the ones when we are back in school!

This Issue will get you going on a variety of projects. The first is my mini Gourd, “For Teacher’s Desk”.  Depending on the size of gourd that you select will depend on its use. Keep paper clips, rubber bands, or candy keeper. A bell cup gourd is cleaned, cut and painted with acrylic paints Then it’s decorated to look like a school slate board complete with all your favorite school subjects.

 My “Back 2 School” is a great basket to hold #2 yellow pencils. Set on a desk or hang close to the pencil sharpener. This cylinder basket has accents of hunter green dyed rows, a wide band and a wrapped handle at the top. Stencil the 3 apples in various stages from whole to eaten. 

My “Apple 4 the Teacher” is a typical square to round basket. Accents of hunter green dyed rows, a wide band with stenciling all the way around and a bean pot handle are a neat little basket to fill with apples to present to your new Teacher.

 “Show ‘N Tell” is my birch bark design of a turtle. This is cut out with a second layer cut out to form a pouch which is lashed in place with cane. Use this for dried flowers or to store coins, pencils or candy.

 For a fun change, try my “Apple Tie On”. This is a braided fabric apple that can be used as an ornament by writing on the leaf with a Sharpie or use as a tie on to a pie, market or picnic basket. Bring to your Fall potluck with apple pie or go to the farmer’s market to buy even more apples with this attached.

 Sharon Klusmann is the owner of Cornerstone Baskets and has a line of Smoky Baskets. One of her newest baskets designed for this Issue is the “Smoky Towel”. This wall basket starts working from a D handle; the “Smoky” theme uses every other spoke in natural and dyed black with the weavers in natural, dyed black and smoked reed. A 4 rod wale in pairs is woven to accent the design. When complete, slip the fall appliqué towel designed by one of Sharon’s friends into the opening and hang with other designs available.

 Another in Sharon’s series is Smoky Mountain. This larger round basket is so striking with the natural, smoked, and black reed. Chase weave in the center of the basket uses small seagrass, natural round reed and smoked reed for a texture weaving technique. Two rims help shape this basket and helpful hints are given to create. Dyed round reed side handles are added along with a flower bow embellishment which adds a beautiful addition to the side of this stunning basket.

 Enjoy and Happy Fall!

Happy Weaving!

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P.S.  On the Back Cover of the Summer 2009 Issue I had a Photo of my Student’s Mad Weaves. I wrote a grant this Spring which allowed 55 Art Students to weave wonderful combinations of colors-no 2 were alike!  Since you have Emailed me about this and requested this, I will feature this in an upcoming Issue.

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