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From Sheri' Studio....

School’s out for Summer and school bells are ringing for the start of classes again. My son, Brian’s Open House and graduation is a short memory away and now he is getting ready to start Community College. Time does fly. I was enjoying summer immensely- a very warm summer; our boat trip took us up Lake Michigan to Ludington over the 4th and when we returned so did the school Ads in Mid-July.

Orientation and school starts again before Labor Day. I will truly miss having my son in Advanced Art and helping me as my Aide. (I had him 2 years as an Art Student and 1 year as my Aide.) Yes, I am melancholy about this change. I have been gearing up for this summer preparing the walls around school for a permanent gallery of student’s-current and former, professional artists, along with some of my own Art work. I have an Arts council who helps me with the selection and then I get the Art work framed. I hope to have an internet gallery available to view these pieces later this year. In the meantime, if you are coming to Western Michigan, please feel free to stop and see our High School at its new location. (We are located right across the road from the Muskegon Airport.)

While school is back in session, I’ll introduce you to my Summer’s Play. My "2’s & 5’s" is so named because of the cuts, weaves, and measurements. This cute mini basket would be great for tea bags in the kitchen or Q-tips, barrettes, or cotton balls in the bathroom. Weave 1 or a series to containerize. Try making 1 in birch bark for a natural variation.

My "Fall Hanging Cornucopia" is shaped like a traditional Horn of Plenty as it graduates in size; but the front flips down and a handle is inserted into the back allowing this basket to hang and hold a fall arrangement.

My "Back Door Basket" serves a large function by our back door. It holds keys, coupons, and daily mail. Outgoing mail sits underneath the basket which is propped up on stilted feet. X’s add the accent in the dyed band.

My "Candle Ring" is shaped over a Styrofoam ring. Woven in a simple under and over weave; it is decorated with leather fall leaves and wooden acorns. Place a candle inside the ring which can be used year round when decorated for any of the seasons.

Gail Hutchinson’s "Therescilla Sue" is a wonderful tote using a twill weave, triple weave and spaced dyed reed. The beautiful 4 strand leather braided handles are doubled lashed on with wax linen. I wove one of these great totes earlier this year in a workshop with Gail and immediately wanted to feature this one. (I’m using mine to hold my cameras and film.)

Gail’s "Ole’ Glory" is a ribbed basket in red, white, and blue. Two round discs with wooden star cut outs secure the handle and framework which is woven with a lot of texture-reeds and seagrass. Truly a fun celebration of Americana, this is a great beginning rib basket with a braided handle.

Enjoy this fun, fall variety. The days are already getting shorter. Cool, crisp days and evenings will be upon us. Enjoy Summer’s end and Fall with school’s arrival.

Happy Fall!

Weaving Wishes!

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