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Fall 2002 "Just Patterns"


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From Sheri's Studio...

School bells will be ringing by the time this arrives your way. I had a fun summer taking several weaving workshops while attending many Guild meetings, I have thoroughly enjoyed playing and learning more techniques. I really believe you are never too old to learn.

In the last 3 years I have learned much since my first Issue came out as the new owner of Just Patterns; I amazed myself with my computer knowledge but I am still acquiring new skills to improve. This issue will arrive later than usual because my computer's hard drive "crashed"! Believe me, having this Issue ready to go to print and not able to get this out of my computer was something I could have lived without. I ended up redoing everything for this Issue, as all was lost!

Two themes will be seen in this Fall Issue. The first theme features cattails in both baskets. A second theme features "Susan" - "Lazy Susan's" in both large and small sizes, a "Black Eyed Susan Gourd," and "Sunbonnet Sue" as the showcase wooden lid on this quilt square basket!

My"Cattail Stand Basket" will display your umbrellas or dried foliage of cattails, bulrushes, and other grasses. Start with a wooden base which will also serve as a weight to give your basket stability. Woven colors show the marsh and water line and decorative reed cattails, and grasses are added on the outside to complete the look.

Mabel Caverly's "Cattail Basket" featuring a D handle with dyed smoked reed for ground, green grass, and blue water and sky. Woven cattails and a birch bark fish accent this small nature basket. This basket is great for oil and vinegar or carrying wine coolers or holding old bottles.

"Lazy Susan's" in two sizes are designed by me with the bases designed using hardwoods from Stan and Linda Fabian. Both are woven in a Japanese Twill Weave with a complimentary wooden divider dropped into the basket when complete. Use on your kitchen or buffet table with or without the divider. Your "Lazy Susan" spins from the smaller pedestal base. The large size featured here is red oak and the small is white ash - select your hardwood choice for either size.

"Black Eye Susan Gourd" is my fun project to try on a bell cup gourd. Play with a wood burner or Ultra Fine Sharpie and add color with Crayola Markers. A ladybug adds a natural touch.

Marilyn Wald's "Sunbonnet Sue Basket" features a dyed woven basket with leather side handles held in place with wooden pegs. The hand painted lid with the adorable "Sue" and central leather pull depicting a hand tied quilt is fabric lined to hold your quilt squares or sewing notions.

My apologies for the delay with the Fall Issue. Please enjoy these designs with cattails and Susans of all sorts, shapes, and sizes!

Happy Fall! Happy Weaving!!

Sheri Sig

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