Woven Blessings
Winter 2010

by Sheri L. VanDuyn

“It’s my 9 month anniversary!” exclaimed my son, Brian. “Oh, really?” I said as I stood in the kitchen. “What does one do to celebrate such an event?” “I think that I will head to Grand Rapids later and take Michelle out for dinner,” he said. Brian has been dating this wonderful girl for the past few months. Little did I realize that this was another anniversary. Brian has brought her flowers before, but said he was not bringing her flowers every month as this gets expensive and then Michelle will take them for granted. My husband and I are both pleased with his choice of this young lady. They make a great match as they both enjoy being active, are competitive and love sports. They both have a passion for Soccer and each are coaching travel teams!

Recently when Brian was with Michelle’s family; her Mom asked what was his favorite Christmas gift. Brian could not come up with one. When he came home he asked me, what gift I thought that he enjoyed the most when he was little. I told him that was easy; it was his Lego’s. Everyday he would build a boat and push it all around the family room floor and then build a second boat and push that one around too. He would play with these two Lego boats for hours. When it was lunch or dinner he could hardly stop to eat and park his boats right by his chair. As soon as he was finished eating he would go and build again. He agreed with me and when he said he was surprised that he did not think of this; I responded, “Your brain is mush right now because you are in love!”

So this got Brian to thinking, “Mom, what was your most favorite gift at Christmas?” “Well, I did get an Easy-bake Oven which really did work. Perhaps it was my Chatty Cathy Doll that you pulled the string and she talked. But I think I played with my Barbie dolls the most and for some reason my Mom actually kept them for me. I had the case; I even made clothes for my Barbie. Later I received a second Barbie with wigs, she was so much fun; Barbie just got to do everything!”

So this year when you are thinking of Christmas-think of your best gift. I really dare to say that it probably was one of your childhood gifts and one that really did not cost all that much!

This year are you overwhelmed trying to figure out what to give your loved ones for Christmas? Are you making a list and checking it twice? Who’s on your list this year? Your….

Spouse, Children, Parents, Best Friends, Grandparents, Grandchildren, Siblings, Favorite Relatives,

Boss, Co-Workers, Paperboy, Mailman, Housekeeper, Basket Buddies, Lawn Service, Babysitter

Boy…the list is getting so l-o-n-g!!! But haven’t you forgotten someone? How about putting “Christ” on your Christmas list? Now that is what I call keeping Christ in Christmas!

Each year I challenge my own children to give something to others. Yes, I give money and time to charities, but I also personalize Ornaments for the graduating Senior class at my High School. Each ornament has their name written on one side and the class year and the school’s name on the other. As I am writing these out for each student, I pray for them. When all are finished each are hung up on a special tree in the Office. The students will purposely make their way to the Office to find their Ornament and the day before Christmas break, they can take their ornament home. I continue to pray that they will be used to be a blessing in their lives.

Brian just called his Dad, “What are we doing December 24th?” My husband responded, “Brian, for the past several years we have had a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner that your Mother prepares for your Grandparents, your sister, her husband and your niece. Then we exchange our gifts. On Christmas Day we gather with the entire family and go to Grandma’s house and have our meal and gift exchange. “Oh,” Brian said. “I forgot.” He truly is in love! But, this year our traditions will be different at our home as my Mom is in the hospital. However...let your hearts and presents include those you love and can truly make a difference in their lives!  

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