Woven Blessings
Winter 2007

by Sheri L. VanDuyn


The saying goes that “Necessity is the invention of life.” Seems that throughout my life, I have been my own inventor. 

When our son, Brian was born, my husband bought me a station wagon. After all, I now had two babies in car seats and could put the stroller in the back hatch. Brian sat beside me in the front and Sarah sat in the back seat behind me. (This was before all the new safety laws had been passed. Sometimes don’t you marvel at how you were raised and that you are still alive even though you did not have all the requirements that exist today?) My next vehicle was a van with 2 doors on the passenger side and none behind me as the driver. I always had to walk around to unload from the other side. I continually said to my husband that vans should have a door behind the driver that open and it sure would be nice if these doors would open easier or could open automatically. Soon after, I began to notice vans with this door behind the driver and not much longer automatic opening on the passenger’s side. Today many vans later, I have one that opens automatically on both sides. 

In the art world and the basket world there have been many simple gadgets that I have adapted for my classes. But before all of this when I was back in high school, I would write my day out in a mini spiral notebook; my “planner” if you will and I would check off the events of my school filled day. Sometimes I would forget to write in this 3” x 5” spiral book, so I would take another piece of paper to write on and paper clip it on that particular day. This started to become bulky and the paper clips began to catch on everything. So then I took a dab of glue and would “dot” the back of the paper and attach in place. Seems I was the forerunner of the Post-it Note. 

These “sticky notes” can now be found all over my lesson plans, daily planner, the refrigerator and even the dashboard of my van. Once these Post-it notes were only available in yellow in a square size, but today the pastel colors have expanded, and have made the way for brighter, bolder colors in various sizes along with printed shapes to appeal to every taste. Today a person would not think of gluing a note in place; they would simply reach for a colorful, practical and inexpensive “sticky note.”

October is Mission emphasis month in my church. The challenge went out for our youngest members to be missionaries with the use of “sticky notes.” Since these children are 4-8 years old, they were first asked if they had ever seen a “missionary.” These children seated in the front of the church shook their heads, “No!” So the presenter asked the congregation to stand if you had served God in another church in another city, state or country by bringing His word to others. In high school, I had spent 6 weeks in upper state New York in a program called S.W.I.M. (Summer Workshop In Missions) so I stood up along with several dozen members of all ages. The children seated stretched their necks to see everyone in amazement. Wow! There were missionaries right in our own church.  

Now the opportunity would be theirs! But how? Where could they go at such a young age? The presenter would give them a Ziploc bag with 5 “sticky notes.” On each note was written the phrase-“God loves you, and so do I.” They were instructed to be missionaries by placing these “notes” in interesting spots for someone to find. 

The following week as these young members again gathered on the front steps the presenter asked them if they were missionaries to please stand up. All of them did. After they were seated again, she asked, “Where did they place their “sticky notes?” The congregation chuckled as each proudly announced their creative spots such as Dad’s remote, Mom’s hairbrush, Grandma’s refrigerator, the mailbox for the Postman, and their Teacher’s desk. Already something so small, yet so inventive was being used to spread God’s Word. The presenter told them, “Good job, children! Always remember to spread God’s message even though you are young. Be His missionaries wherever you go and tell others about His love.” 

This is so intriguing to me how something so simple can be used for spreading God’s Word. I am looking at “sticky notes” in a new way-not just for my own daily purposes, but for God’s needs. I am using these “notes” even more to jot notes of love and encouragement to teachers by placing them in their mailboxes, at home in lunches and suitcases. So, my challenge to you is to use these little notes to spread good will and cheer at this Christmas season and throughout the New Year. – So, “Stick to it!”

Wishing you more of Jesus this Christmas ---- 

His peace, His joy, His life

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“Go into all the world and preach the Word of God to everyone, everywhere.”- Mark 16: 15

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