Woven Blessings
Summer 2003

by Sheri L. VanDuyn
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This round poem reminds me of wheels and this year finds my son, Brian, driving behind the wheels of a car. At the brink of his 16th birthday on March 16, 2003, his "Golden Birthday" I reflect on how fast time has gone. Where did it go? I really long for the yester years. Seems like just yesterday, Brian was sitting on our family room floor surrounded by his colorful Legos and building a boat. Everyday he built another boat and pushed it round and round.

Brian crawled by 9 months and he did not walk until 14 months. His older sister, Sarah, got everything he needed with one little sound. He could get to wherever he wanted so fast by crawling on 2 hands and one leg. I really claim that he never did "walk" instead he went from crawling to running! Brian always has been a go-getter!

Now having a 16th birthday party with 3 of his buddies over, it was fun to see and hear them interact. While they want to appear all grown up, they are still kids at heart. Brian had hoped for snow on his birthday and after a winter of continuous snow, his wish was granted. The boys came over early evening. After being inside for a while they headed outside for their games in the snow.

These guys are up for anything. My husband and I watched them form teams and play their games. Later we saw a vehicle in the driveway with the boys talking to the driver. We didn’t think anything of it; perhaps this was another friend stopping over. Later we found out that the guys were not only throwing snow balls at each other, but at a couple of cars driving by. They thought about going in when the last car circled around and came back to reprimand the guys. Sure they all are good guys, and boys will be boys, and after apologies were made, they came inside. (Years from now this will be very funny.)

By now Brian has passed his road test, and has a license. His birthday was on a Sunday, so he already had to wait an extra day. So eager for his driver’s license, he wanted to skip school’s 1st hour to go and get it. I reminded him that the Bureau would still be there 7 hours later after school was out! (Sometimes it bites to have your Mom teach at the same school you attend.) However, Brian’s wish was granted and he was able to get his license before school started on Monday, March 17th as school was delayed 2 hours because of heavy fog.

Then later that day, he was able to travel with his Dad to purchase his own car. They had made a project of car shopping together and found the ideal car for Brian – a 1998 Ford Taurus and red! My son use to push cars of all sizes and shapes around the kitchen and family room loop, is now behind the wheel of his own car!

I am so proud of him for achieving his goal of saving all his hard earned money for his vehicle. I know he will take care of his new wheels and he is a good driver.

Why in childhood do we wish life to pass by so quickly and yet in our adulthood, all we reflect on is our own childhood and its carefree days.

If I could give advice to a young mom, it would be to enjoy their children’s youth and innocence. Enjoy playtime, bedtime stories, and talking. Make time for your babies at any age. I will never be able to go back to those younger days again, but my baby at 6 or 16 will always be my baby!

Seems like life is at it’s best when the little things make it special. God always seems to bless us each step of the way and everyday. I cherish my children, both of them. I cannot stop them from growing up and into the unique beings that God wants them to be. Time will not stand still, so I will enjoy the time and cherish the moments I can with them.

"For this child I prayed; and the Lord hath given me my petition which I asked of him…"   I Samuel 1:27

"Behold, children are a gift of the Lord…."…… Psalms 127:3

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