Woven Blessings
Spring 2006

by Sheri L. VanDuyn

Seems the end of the year is the best time to reflect on many things. At one year’s close with the start of a New Year’s possibilities; my mind seems to awaken my thoughts of where I have been and where I will go! So reflect with me for a minute-Where did you travel this past year? Then think-What was your best trip? What made this trip so memorable? Would you like to travel to this destination again?

Travel in the last century has come so far. I have an Aunt Jerene who has had the wonderful privilege of traveling to over 100 countries. She always talked about her trips and everything sounded so mesmerizing. This   must be where I inherited my sense of curiosity and adventure to want to go to various locations. I love reading the map and brochures of where we will go.

Two of my favorite trips in 2005 include Spring Break and an Anniversary Trip. The first one was in Florida with my husband, Ralph and our son, Brian. Being his Senior year, this was going to be our last Spring Break with Brian. We traveled to sunny Florida and stayed in Orlando, so he could be by a couple of his good friends. We had wonderful weather and basically played tourist. We took in Sea World, Disney Shops, and Rain Forest Café along with other great restaurants, Krispy Kreme Donuts (about ˝ mile away); we also experienced “Dots”-a new form of ice cream. We shopped Pro Bass, Ron Jon, checked out the World’s Largest Orange Gift Shop, Old Town, saw Cirque du Soleil, and went swimming in the ocean. Although we were busy part of the day, relaxing by the pool was our real enjoyment. The fact that you can lounge in a beautiful, sunny location is at times overwhelming. I rarely just sit as I always have a project packed and in this case some weaving projects where I can sit and weave by the pool. Totally my relaxation!

One of my other favorite trips was last summer taking a road trip with my husband. We headed up north winding through roads less traveled. Our jaunt was only for a long weekend, but we drove when we wanted and stopped when we wanted. Leaving roads of traffic congestion and stop lights during our adventure seemed to step us back to an era gone by. Driving along the Lake Michigan coastline and woods, each turn of the road was an adventure in God’s beautiful array of nature, True, this was late summer –celebrating our 30th Anniversary; our trip could have only been more spectacular if accented by punches of colors with the changing colors of leaves!

I get weekly Emails from Travel Places. Some seem so exotic, romantic, or a wonderful family vacation. No matter where the destination, to me the time spent with family and making memories is as wonderful as the trip itself.  Travel is exploring and learning about the city or country that you are visiting.

Travel was considered for trade in the Old and New Testament. Motives for travel were trade first, colonization, exploration, migration, pilgrimage, preaching, and also exile. Ways of travel included land and sea. The main way to travel then was by foot. Usually the person was barefoot or had “shoes” or sandals. Shoes were made of soft leather, while sandals were made of harder leather. The sandals were worn for rougher wear. The sole was created of wood, cane, and sometimes bark of the palm tree which was fastened to the leather by nails. They were tied about the feet with thongs, or shoe latchets. It was customary to have two pairs, especially on a journey. (This is planning ahead on a trip.)

I have heard a company’s logo saying-“Travel should take you places.” Exactly that is what travel is all about! Travel is a state of mind or to be transformed during Bible times or especially now. The important thing to remember is to take God with you when you travel on business or on vacation. He never seems to take a day off from us; God is our constant companion. Enjoy this great world; explore all the states or countries-1 of them or all of them wherever you are allowed to go. This world is so beautiful and God’s majesty is shown throughout His creation; whatever the season-enjoy its beauty.

Remember-it’s not the destination…it’s the journey that is important!

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