Woven Blessings
Fall 2010

by Sheri L. VanDuyn

“I want my own bed…”This is always my husband, Ralph’s quote while we travel. I can almost count on him saying this everytime we go away and the next line will be; “I miss my pillow!” (If we travel in the van, sometimes he will even grab his own pillow and this will go along.) While I am so thankful that we have the opportunity to travel, I am also glad that there is no place like home!

 To celebrate our 35th Anniversary this August, my husband thought that it would be neat to take an overnight trip up north. I checked out to see if there were any art shows; one was going to be in Frankfort, Michigan and my basket roommate, Pat has a cottage only a few miles from there! I called her to see if she would be up north; she wanted us to stay with her at the cottage, but was recuperating there from surgery. I knew just spending part of the day together would tire her out. So, we decided to find a room. Since we had not planned too far in advance, there were a lot of no vacancies. One place my husband found on the internet and then called on was full, but said she had more rooms at another location overlooking the water. “You know this is our busiest weekend up here with the art show, car show and lots of fishermen!” It was a larger room with a kitchen; more than we needed, but sounded quaint and everything else was full, so he took it.

 After a beautiful drive up and stopping a few times to take photos my husband dropped me off at the Art Show to meet Pat and Eric. He ventured off to find a place to park in this bustling little town, only to park right behind our friend’s car! We all walked the Art Show and drove to our room which would now be ready. Ralph went in and paid and then we followed the gal in her car to this second location. Our room was upstairs above a local business that had been transformed into several rooms for rent.

 The gal escorted us into the room and inside on the table was a wonderful potted daisy plant, two bottles of energy water and chocolate covered cherries. She cheerfully commented that anyone that was celebrating 35 years deserved to have a few special touches added to their room and added that this was quite a milestone. She also said that being married that long is really something, and that she did not know many couples that made it over several years. Then I told her that our friends were also celebrating their 40th Anniversary on the same date! When Pat and I became basket friends this was another thing we would share in common! She seemed astonished and said congratulations again!

 This really made me think about my 3 words of Wisdom for my students painted in my Artroom. One is- Travel God’s World. The reason that I say that is to see others around you, as well as be God’s witness wherever you go! Another is Honor your Marriage!   Here this motel owner was seeing both in us just moving into her room!

 After settling in, we walked into town and took in the car show and the Library book sale filling a bag for $2.00. Then we cleaned up; my hubby took a siesta-rest again. Pat could also rest at her cottage while I walked back into town and checked out an antique shop finding several old baskets. We them joined then for appetizers at the cottage before going out for our mutual Anniversary dinner. We had a great meal and a fun time celebrating. After such a big day our getaway room was a welcome respite.  

 We spent the next day sleeping in and then taking our time traveling back home. We stopped by several road stands to pick up farm produce and then lunch by the water, as well as ice cream at a favorite place on the way home. Yet, home is where is where your heart is. Somehow you always sleep better at home; you are most comfortable here.

 That night even though we really just relaxed and basically did some sightseeing, our bed felt the greatest. There is just something about the comforts of your own bed. I have talked to other people and as much as they come and go too, it always seems that your own bed is such a refresher for each and every new day.

Matthew 11:28-
“Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

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