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Taking over Just Patterns has been said best by my Uncle John's old vintage saying, "So there's a new broom sweeping the old rug." Well the rug in this part is the Magazine and I am the new broom.

With every new ownership come some changes. Some are ever so subtle that unless I point them out, you might never notice. I will select only a couple to share. Just Patterns will now have a center stitch, which is printing jargon meaning that every magazine will be stapled on the centerfold. This was not done previously, but is necessary now as my Post Office does not allow staples to be on the outside for bulk mailing. I would have to tab on all 3 sides so the center pages would not fall out.

Some type has changed, but more importantly now 5 patterns will always be featured, brining more variety to weave. the Devotional will be continued and has been renamed "Woven Blessings." Thank you for encouraging me in doing so. The devotional was optional with the sale of the magazine, but I felt this made Just Patterns so unique, and I had always enjoyed reading Christ Filled Basketmakers, so I did not hesitate to continue this aspect.

A New Year brings many changes, so I feel this is a super time as I will be changing the season on each issue; so that for example, the Summer issue now will arrive prior to the season in May instead of at the end of the season in August. So your first issue of 2000 will be labeled Spring, followed by Summer, Fall, and Winter (like the seasons were taught in school). Please check on your mailing labels as everyone had to be changed. (What was I thinking!!) I do think this makes more sense as Deb agreed this always bothered her too!

I want to share with you that all stamps that come in for subscriptions are being cut off by my son, Brian. These stamps will be given to a missionary group for stamp Exchange as a way to earn money.

I am very excited about my new venture. Thank you for your patience and understanding as I work the "kinks" out (Eva Snyder's saying). Getting use to a new computer and several new programs is always a challenge at any stage! I am getting more confident about my procedures and routine for subscriptions, and I double check making sure that my computer has saved everything. My daughter, Sarah helps with the computer typing. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me by phone, mail, or through e-mail: sheri@justpatterns.com. I have truly been surprised with all your notes and calls regarding my take over. I always felt that Deb Blair did a remarkable job promoting the Art of Basketry through her patterns and with Advertisers who carry quality products. I am definitely stepping into big shoes and my goal is to continue doing the same.

Thank you again for subscribing and for all of your support!!

Sheri Sig

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