Gretchen Border

First Row

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gretchen3.jpg (159881 bytes)

gretchen4.jpg (160981 bytes)


Finishing the First Row

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Rows 2 - 6 or 7

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Final Trimming


gretchen17.jpg (194037 bytes)

Trim the tails of the spokes where they come from the
Gretchen border to approximately 1/2" in length

Cut with the sheers so that the cut edge is facing the
basket.  This makes the ends seem to disappear,
rather than stick out with the cut edge showing.

Four Rod:

gretchen18.jpg (129754 bytes)

Trim the outside ends of weavers in the four rod
weave with the cut edge angled downward.

Cut so the weaver reaches just beyond 1/2 way to the spoke on it's right.

gretchen19.jpg (113950 bytes)

Do the same on the inside start tips of your weavers.  Leaving
just a bit more length.  You don't want the ends to miss each other!

gretchen20.jpg (136289 bytes)

When you are finished, you should be able to run your hands around both
the inside and the outside without snagging any tails.  The ends should seem
to disappear and be visible only by looking from the side of the weave.


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